My Life In Brazil

My Life In Brazil

Brief Description

Have you ever been to Brazil? They say that there are a lot of things to do and see in this wonderfully exciting country. In fact, how many movies (both Hollywood and animated) have we seen filmed in this place? There are a lot already, right? It is not that surprising. After all, the country is a paradise with its beaches and rainforests. However, it is not the place that enchants us in this country, but their ladies. Brazil is not only famous for its beaches, but for its hotties as well. What’s more exciting is that you will usually find a lot of them just strolling and hanging around by the beach every single day. Wouldn’t that be the life? Just packing your bags, flying to Brazil, making your own sexy adventure, banging a lot of girls in the process? It is not that easy, though. It is certainly a hard to earn dream. However, we have found a porn site right now that features just that. In a way, this porn site is like a chronicle of a guy’s sexcapades in Brazil. Hence, aptly so, this porn site is named MyLifeInBrazil. The guy in this porn site is really living the dream: fucking hot ladies and getting paid to do so! You will be fond of knowing that this porn site is actually part of the internationally acclaimed porn network, BangBros. If you are a hardcore fan of porn, then it would not be such a big surprise to us if you have already heard of this porn network before. After all, it has already won a lot of awards from the porn industry as well, making it one of the top porn networks on the internet. For the benefit of those who don’t have any idea with BangBros yet, though, they are the creators behind one of the most popular and legendary porn sites ever, BangBus. The concept of BangBus is that there are three guys armed with a video camera, which goes on the road, picking up girls and fucking them inside their bus. Now, we are not going to spoil to you guys anymore what happens next after the fucking. This is a really fun and hilarious porn site that requires your attention. What we suggest is for you to take a look at this porn site on your own to see how awesome it is! Or better yet, why not sign up for membership over at MyLifeInBrazil. Once you are already a member of this porn site, this will also give you access to all the other BangBros porn site as a free bonus. Hence, we are not going to keep you waiting any further. There are only two options to choose from for premium membership anyway: a one-month membership a one-year membership. You may also opt for the two-day trial option if you still want to check out MyLifeInBrazil and all the other porn sites in the BangBros porn network. We are sure that you would eventually sign up for a premium membership anyway because their offer is just too good to pass on.

Site Specifics

As what we have described above, this porn site is like a travel log of the adventures of a guy in Brazil involving a lot of sex. Hence, staying true to the theme, the porn site pretty much looks like this as well. The banner is really fun and it contains a lot of visual elements, despite the fact that the entire porn site is actually pretty simple yet efficient. The banner contains elements that will remind you of Brazil, along with the title of the porn site. You will also get to see the guy behind the sexcapades being surrounded by different hot booties. Below the banner, you will already see the different adventures that he had, starting from the latest. Each preview signifies one sexy adventure. This preview contains a lot of information (another element that reminds us of a travel log). First, you will see different-sized thumbnails showing the different scenes of the video. After that, other information is the date when it was uploaded, the title of the video, and a one-paragraph description of what is happening in the scene. Their video descriptions are actually some of the longest and most detailed ones we have seen as compared to what the other porn sites have. In fact, most porn sites don’t have any description for their videos at all, so that’s definitely a big plus!

Models and Videos

The feelings that we have felt upon exploring this porn site is very hard to describe, so allow us to share with you our major thoughts. First, the ladies here are really true to the Brazilian aesthetic and we liked it! Some porn sites that specialize in a certain country or nationality have this annoying way of gearing away to from the original beauty of the ladies in that said country. For instance, we sometimes see “European” porn sites featuring American girls as if we would not notice. Whenever that happens, we always feel cheated. But in this porn site, you will not experience this. Second, the guy in this porn site has some serious taste. All of the ladies that he got to fuck are freaking hot! This is the reason why we were really excited every single time we finish a video because we are excited to see what he is up to next as well as the girl that he will be fucking next. Man, the things we would give just to trade places with this guy, even just for a day.


After our tour of this porn site, we already understood why the BangBros porn network was so popular. The reason is because the people behind this porn network are all geniuses. They are very creative in the concepts of their porn sites and you will bear witness to that by joining or signing up for membership with MyLifeInBrazil.


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