More Than A Girl

More Than A Girl

Brief Description

More Than a Girl is an appropriate titles for a platform which comprises some gorgeous, Brazilian ladyboys in hardcore action. There are blonde blows, volcanic-hot brunettes, girls with fat cocks, women with balls and guys with a desire for a little something extra to stir their sex lifestyle. Let us delve in into details regarding the site.

Site Specifics

First things first. The site has a premium design. The engineers deserve to be lauded for their impeccable work. The pretty simple and sturdy site is home to amazing features; features that will make you join the site immediately. Navigating around the site did not seem to give me any headache. I cruised through the pages and tabs very smoothly. The layout is sparkling. The orange theme is attractive and I did not feel any discomfort in my eyes even after I sat behind my display for hours. And that is a positive to the platform. The user interface is as you would love to see. They had the mind of their audience when they were creating this wonderful tranny porn site. Even a new visitor will find their way very easily. The content in here can be viewed on the site or downloaded for later usage. Some flicks can be saved in low-quality Real Player or iPod formats, whilst others have a decent HD quality WMV quality, which appears totally stunning.

Models and Videos

Girl, I presumed I knew you deeply, saw you grow each day. I never actually took a look before, but when I did, you took my breath away. These lyrics makes me fly in my own world. Much like these line by Bee-Gees, this sites comprises chicks who will take your breath away with their superb appearances. They will also captivate you by shoving their dicks in your mouth. How is that? Sweet, huh? I loved the scenes that showed sizzling threesomes, shemales banging another ladyboy, who is piercing a male. There are lots of lovely couples’ actions and also numerous two hotties on one dude action. For instance, I saw Lisa Lawer making a pit halt at a urinal when she notices some guy peeping at her package. You all know women do not stand at urinals, therefore you can envision his amazement from the get-go. Another chick named Karol gets in to help herself and the gets relief by banging the dude in the butt and then both gorgeous ladies splatter a load of cum on his face. Damn! This is a washroom trip that he will always remember. Visitors can peep at the users’ zone without ever subscribing to the platform, only by clicking on the thumbnails. Moreover, visitors can view some sample images from the platform by clicking on the link to see samples close the top of this review. If those make you salivate, do come back and join to have a full sizzling experience on More Than a Girl. There are 150 flicks of hardcore ladyboy action to enjoy. Every episode is accompanied by a gallery of movie caps, however there are no real images. Scenes are around 20 minutes each and come in Windows Media vides with dimensions of 720 X 480 with bit rates of 2 Mbps, MPEG4s with resolutions of 480 X 360 and bitrates of 1 megabytes per second, and another MP4 of 320 X 240 pixels and 800 Kbps formats. The quality is however average.


In summary, More Than a Girl comprises a great quantity of good material, which you are certain to love. You will love the title of this platform and when you feast your eyes on the ladyboys, you are likely to fall for them, too. They are offering the greatest of both worlds, and they are not joking. Join More Than a Girl today!


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