Mighty Rods

Mighty Rods

Brief Description

MightyRods is the type of site, which is quite different from the majority of other sites in the porn world. The girls on the site are treated truly well. They are pampered and massaged to ensure that they have a good time and give their men an amazing time as well. Consequently, the porn videos offered by the site are a lot better than what most sites in the porn industry will offer you.

MightyRods is a premium porn video website which features huge cocks straining to get into horny warm tight cunts. Even though several sites offer this porn genre, none of them does it like this site. The pampered girls featured on the site know exactly what it takes to make every huge dick keep ejaculating time and again. They are girls that will surely get you shooting into your pants time and again too when you watch their sexual antics.

The experience you get from watching the porn content posted on the site gives you is a healthy feeling of great contentment. It thus leaves you feeling completely satisfied in a manner that is out of this world. The site offers a very fulfilling sexual experience. In this review, you are going to learn all about the amazing features of the site and why you should join.

Site Specifics

The layout of any site plays an important role in the experience that it will generally provide to visitors. A lot of this comes from the color scheme used in the site’s layout. The color scheme of this site features purple and black, two colors that go very well together. Black is the primary background color which accommodates all the sites content. The purple color is used effectively on the site for the content border boxes and the fonts. The purple color adds a sexual flavor to the whole site which makes it much more arousing for you.

The porn videos are posted in large thumbnails, which are arranged in a grid format on the site for easy searching. The name of models featured in every video is placed just below the thumbnail boxes. Navigation buttons, which are properly laid out and labeled on the site, also offer you easy navigation through various parts of the site. The design and layout structure of the site is quite functional and user-friendly. The site is neat and free of clutter.

MightyRods has a content archive of more than 100 full HD quality video clips with updates added on a regular basis. The videos are for your enjoyment. You can either download the porn videos in MOV, MP4 or WMV file formats onto any personal device or, stream them onto a flash player which is embedded on the site to watch online. The compatibility of the clips with any device means you can carry them along with you anywhere. This gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite videos anytime anywhere, which is convenient for you. The highest resolution for downloading the clips is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps.

The site also offers amazing photo sets for your viewing pleasure. The archive of photo sets on the site contains about 100 sets with each of them containing about 30 quality images. The resolution for the pictures, which can be downloaded in ZIP file format at 1280 x 853. Overall, the site has a quality design and an easy to use layout. You will generally love the site for its user friendliness.

Models and Videos

The horny sluts featured in the porn videos which are offered on the site are some of the sexiest girls you can find anywhere on the internet. The experience they give is so good that you will feel completely satisfied. You will be satisfied in a way that is better than anything you have ever found anywhere else. The sluts are masters of naughty bedroom antics, which surely get you shooting down in your pants. Antics which will surely give you a rock hard erection before you even reach halfway when watching what they do to the huge cocks that they come cross.

The stars, be it male or female, are pampered and cared for before they are sent on the mission of giving their partners the best moments of their entire lives. When they enter the offices of the owners of MightyRods, they are massaged and taken care of. They are made to know that their pleasure matters too. Hence, the performances they give in the videos are a lot more realistic than what you will ever find in the majority of other porn sites. The hot, sexy and horny sluts then go on to give the sort of realism, which makes you feel immersed in your ejaculation experience in a big way.

For example, in one trailer on the site, eternally hot Dana DeArmond is taken by Rico Strong and his huge cock. You need to see how she laid him on his back and kept riding his monster cock at full speed while getting him to elicit loud moans of pleasure from deep within. You need to see how her full rounded tits kept bobbing as she bounced up and down on his monster dong. The video act is an excellent performance from a hot, sexy and horny lady who appears to have been built for super-sized slices of salami.

You can get laid by the likes of the beautiful and horny Dana too. You can get to feel the tight squeeze of their hot wet cunts on your monster cock as they ride you to cloud nine where you get to explode into the most intense ejaculation you have ever had. This is a fantasy or dream, which can only be fulfilled when you sign up to MightyRods.


In conclusion, the site provides you with a sexual experience that is completely amazing. An amazing experience that makes the majority of other porn sites seems like trash in comparison.

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