Brief Description

The LongTimePass is a central site, where you can browse the content of three porn portals. These sites all focus on Asian girls, and there are no videos that feature any other ethnicities. This network is recommended mostly for those who enjoy watching hardcore porn, featuring amateur and professional cuties, with almond-shaped eyes. In case you are a fan of Asians, you will surely appreciate the scenes these sites offer you. Actually, there are three sites in this network. From the members’ zone you can reach all three of them quite easily, without running into any troubles. The JapBox is the network’s Japanese-focused site, which offers you a neat compilation of, unfortunately, unexclusive hardcore porn videos with actual AV Idols from Japan. Since Japan provides an inexhaustible flow of porn, there are always new videos on the JapBox. From the AsianGFVideos you can get some very hot and hardcore amateur porn videos. Here you can find many Asian ethnicities, so not just Japanese models are featured. In case you get turned on by home-made porn, this site is a recommended one. As you might guessed, none of the videos is exclusive, but this dedicated collection has possibly all Asian girlfriend-porn videos you might find around the web. The third site is called YellowSpinners. This one features hardcore, professional porn. Probably these videos are the best ones as far as quality is concerned, but they are also not exclusive. The YellowSpinners features mostly US-made studio porn, with porn stars like Asa Akira.

Site Specifics

The tour on the LongTimePass is simple: scroll down the bottom, and you are finished. The page features the list of the included pages, with a few thumbnails and a description about the content. There isn’t much to do, so the best would be to head inside. You might find the members’ zone a bit too simple for your taste, but the videos are the most important. You will be able to reach the content easily, you just need to choose an option from the menu, and you are good to go. The videos range from 5 to 30 minutes. Most videos are longer than 10 minutes, usually the amateur flicks are the short ones. You can watch these scenes in the browser. For that the site provides you with an FLV stream, which has various resolutions, depending on the source file’s quality. The playback is quite good though, so you can enjoy these videos pretty much. Saving the videos is an option too, you can get somewhat better quality that way; even some HD flicks are available, especially from the YellowSpinners. Another great deal of content here are the pictures: you can find here modeling photos, selfies and other nasty pictures featuring hardcore sex. Those who like standstills will enjoy browsing this collection.

Models and Videos

There are two major types of women on the LongTimePass’s sites: amateurs and professionals. Since the main focus is on Asians here, the girls all originate from different Eastern countries, or if they are not actually living there, they all have Asian ancestors. As far as ethnicities concerned, Asia is a quite rich region, and apart from the most known ethnics, like Chinese, Japanese or Korean, there are much more to it than you would think. Since the LongTimePass on its own doesn’t feature videos, the best way to describe the girls, is to take a look at what each site has in store for you. As you can see, JapBox has a thing for Japanese girls. Now, these girls are the ones who represent all stereotypes we have about Asian girls: they are cute, natural and they like to be kinky. Some bitchy folks might tell you that there isn’t much on the Japanese chicks, but they are just being bad, because these girls have tight bodies, nice ass and some really perky tits. These chicks are mostly professionals, as they call them in Japan: they are adult video Idols. The AsianGFVideos features amateur girls mostly, and it offers the greatest variety: the girls originate from various countries, and they present almost all Asian ethnicities from Chinese to Indonesian or Filipinas. On this site, you can find mostly natural chicks, and as they start doing the nasty you get turned on too. In case you are looking for professionals, you might check the YellowSpinners, which features collection of (mostly US-based) hardcore porn videos with professional Asian porn stars. As the girls, the videos are also separable into those two types. The videos of the JapBox and the YellowSpinners are professional shots. These come from several porn studios, and they offer you some really exciting hours. Apart from the fact that they are shot in studio-environment, it’s also important to mention that these are the high quality flicks in this network. You will see here various hardcore niches covered, so get ready for unique Japanese bukkake videos, just as for some double penetration and anal sex. The amateur, home-made porn videos are also pretty satisfying, and you probably won’t believe your eyes when you see these gorgeous cuties going wild. There are amateur orgies, hot nude modeling shots, as well as horny couple doing it anywhere they want. There is a bit of inconsistency in the matter of length, and the videos range from 2-3 minutes long clips up to scenes of 15 minutes.


All sites of the network are offering you non-exclusive content. Though some may find it to be a bad thing, if you think about it, there isn’t any other site like this one. The LongTimePass offers you a great collection, and the mix of amateur and studio-made porn is very tempting, and you didn’t even thought of the original Japanese porn. Everyone who like Asians, and want to watch this type of hotties in nasty situations should check this compilation. However, there are no Caucasian models here, and since the site doesn’t offer any non-Asian bonuses, the LongTimePass is only recommended for Asian-fans, and for those who like porn and don’t care about ethnicities.


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