LOL Lesbians

LOL Lesbians

Brief Description

I always loved girl on girl action, whether they are only two or many more, it is a sight pleasureable as no other. Apparently, with so many porn sites today, finding a good one is like searching for a needle in a hay stack, luckily, I have a giant magnet, or was struck by a lucky pot when I found lol-lesbians, a site dedicated to women enjoying women, meaning that we get to enjoy, as well.

Site Specifics

One of the things I loved the most about the site, when I first got there, was the fact that it was so minimalistic, up to the point where you would see nothing other than sexy girls everywhere on the screen. The pink buttons go well with the comic like front page, one that has a giant collage of lusty ladies up top, and a whole grid of videos as you start scrolling down. The videos are, of course, previews of the real content, but are revealing enough that you get hooked straight away, if the giant collage does not do that, the first moment you lay your eyes upon it. Going through the real videos section, I noticed a very nicely made sorting menu, with filters that enable you to single out certain videos or sub-genres you love. It is also worth mentioning that among the many features, I was really happy with the way the site works, that is, absolutely fast and with no lag, whatsoever, no matter which device I access it from, mobile or otherwise.

Models and Videos

As far as the content go, you can be certain that your visit to the site will leave you content with many things. Starting with the very good design, up to the point where we get to the girls, the ladies, the part we all love and cherish. Naked and lustful, ever so hungry for the taste of that sweet, mesmerizingly wet pussy, they eye each other with a predator’s glance, yet one that is full of passion, a sort of passion that threatens to swallow you up, whole, if you do not contain at least some of the excitement. It was really hard for me to take my eyes off the screen, especially when they start touching each other, feeling their way down to their panties, taking them off, and then… Well, you know how it goes, orgasms, screams, kissing, licking, and pure lesbian passion. I do need to mention that all the girls are very fresh, very good looking, and diverse as you could only hope them to be, red, brunette, blond, with curly hair, straight hair or short hair, perky boobs, big boobs or just your average boobs, they never fail to deliver the right amount of passion and fucking, that you are always left breathless. I do need add the image gallery, if you prefer stills rather than moving pictures, and the option to download them all, once you join up. The high-quality content is available for downloading and streaming once you join and pay a really small sum, which gets even smaller when you add the five or more sites you would get for free.


I was really happy, and still am, for that matter, with how lol-lesbians turned out to be. The site is full of lovely girls, so lovely, in fact, that taking your eyes off them would require an inhuman amount of effort from your side, and doing so would rightfully be very bad. They have so much to offer, along with all the passion you could ever want, and the pure fucking you came to see, and even the extra perks that come with the membership, visiting this site will probably lead to you having a lot of porn to watch, every day for quite some time.

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