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Live Privates

Brief Description

LivePrivates offers some fun with live cams. You can find a variety of women, men, and trannies live and ready to turn you on. This is a site that will give you interaction with the girls that you want to see, if you’re into guys or trannies there’s always that option for you as well. There’s an interesting rating and awards feature as well. Live cams can provide a level interaction and intimacy that plain videos cannot. LivePrivates gives you that level you can’t reach with mere videos or pictures.

Site Specifics

The design allows the site to cover everything you may want in as simple and neat a way as possible. There are a few tabs at the top of the page that direct you where to go as well as narrowing the search for you when you’re trying to find the perfect cam to watch. There is a search feature in which you can type in keywords or choose from a list that has already been remade for you.

You can choose what the model’s hair color will be, the size of her breasts, and her willingness to do special things. Some of these special things include anal sex, striptease, smoking, squirting, and live orgasms. You can even choose if you want your cam experience to be HD quality and with two-way audio.

There’s also the option to choose between whether you’re seeing girls, boys, or trannies. Next on the bar at the top of the page is the live cams option. Clicking here takes you straight to the action. You can see who’s available and who is already in a private chat. Clicking on any available girl will take you straight to her cam. Here there will also be an option to start a private show with this model if you like her a lot and would like some time alone with her. The same goes for males and transgendered models as well should you want to see their cams. An awards system enables you to be able to see the top one hundred models on the site. You can see her winnings in both points and cash according to how much she is liked on the site. You can join without any risks and reap all the benefits.

Models and Videos

On this site its girls, boys, and transgendered models. All of them have their cams ready for you to view. There are so many ways that you can customize your wants and needs so that you find the perfect model for. Just for instance if you wanted a lesbian cam in English with two-way audio and your models to be Latin MILFs that are shaved and have blonde hair you can make this customization and get that video that fits all your needs. You can also click on that awards tab and find the top one hundred models on the site. If you’re looking for a model that everyone has liked this is the place to go. There has to be a reason the members have put her in the top 100 after all. All the models on the awards list are sure to make grade ‘A’ performances for you on the cams.

Video quality is actually a selection that you can make when choosing just what cam you want to see. If HD quality video is important to you then you can make sure that you click on that option so that you can see all the HD cams available to you. Instead of finding videos close to what you want to see you can find a live girl and if you want a private show you can get to see exactly what you want. LivePrivates gives you so much more than a video or a picture. These models know that sometimes you need a bit more than a video that was shot a year ago. Sometimes you need to know that the sexy model you’re watching is doing all the things that you see in real time. Here you can get that satisfaction.

Every time is a new experience. Even if you’re with the same model every day of the week you can count on something different happening. This is one of the really great things about watching a live cam. You get that real experience that pre-recorded videos cannot give you. And then, of course, they’re taking it up a notch. It is possible to have a private show with two-way audio in HD quality video. This would be the ultimate experience to chat with a girl and be able to interact and tell her what you want to see as well as knowing that you are the only person seeing it.


LivePrivates brings you closer than you’ve ever been to the models that you crave and lust for. These are not just being able to see videos and pictures of hot girls doing hot things. This is a live show right in front of your eyes and if you want to take it there can be a live private show right in front of your eyes. There are cams that can get highly interactive going so far as to be able to actually talk to the model you are watching. The variety of models is just really awesome.

You can search using keywords or choose keywords from a list of categories and subcategories. Options for finding just what you want are really numerous and can get really specific. The awards system gives credit to the models that host the best cams and lends a hand to you in choosing the cam you want to watch based on the popularity it has already enjoyed. The numerous options even expand to let you choose different genders.


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