LivePrivates Fetish

LivePrivates Fetish

Brief Description

So, here we go again. This review will tell you details and our opinion about the site called LivePrivates, however, instead of an all-in-one review, we were focusing on the fetish models and fetish shows. In case you have a fixation, read on and find out what you could expect from these hotties. As a preposition, we just want to tell you that you will get a lot for your time spent here, and since there is a great mammoth of the industry behind the LivePrivates, you will encounter a consistently good quality in all areas.

Site Specifics

There are some among us, who like the blue color, and they were quite happy to see that LivePrivates still maintain its blue theme, no matter how many design changes it had gone through, or will go through in the future. In fact, we all found the blue to be good for eyes and for our nerves, even though the photos listed showed some sexy girls in situations dark in nature. After you join the site, you can start taking advantage of the free chat option: talk to the girls, tell them what you like, and find out which hotties would be the best for you. You can select the Fetish category from a dropdown, or type in the fetishes and niches you seek into the search box, separated by a comma. Though the site is working on smart phones and tablets, for better quality and stable performance, you should use an actual computer.

As a member at the LivePrivates, you are going to find several features, which make navigation and the shows much better. For example, if you are looking for a specific girl-type or a fetish you like, you can use the search to list those who added that fetish to their features or look like the girls you seek. Then, you can open their page, take a look on their profile, or chat with them. If you like one of them, add her to the favorites’ list and return to her later. In case you are really into someone, you can send her virtual gifts. Also, you can make a snapshot during the show, or even turn on your web camera, so the girl can see you, this is perfect for those who are going to play the submissive: the mistress can see you, so you won’t be able to skip what she wants you to do.

Models and Videos

There are some really strange birds listed in the fetish section of the LivePrivates. They are hot, that’s true, but they are really different from what you might have been used to. These girls are not just sexy, but they are certainly very kinky. There are basically two types: sub-whores and dominators. We would say that there is a third field, which we would call the weird ones, which covers the girls capable of submitting or dominating, but they have something strange or weird going on. For example, there is Matiss Jones, who is a dark-themed girl, and she uses seeming fluorescent makeup… and she is dressed like a shadowy cat or something.

So, if you have a hard fetish for girls that look like cats, and they are also very sexy, then seek out this hot kitten. We have seen different ethnic models listed at the fetish page, so if you also have a fixation on non-Caucasian hotties, you can find some who could perform anything for your entertainment. The Caucasian models are not all the same, especially because there are many Europeans, who have the facial attributes of their region: it’s quite easy to tell a Romanian from an American girl, but other Eastern-Europeans like Russians, Hungarians, and Slovakian girls appear too. Naturally, if you are crazy for German misses of a French mistress is what turns you on, you will be certainly glad to see what the LivePrivates can offer you on this front. These are all professional hosts, and they are going to go hard on themselves, or on you if you need that. Sometimes, new models might try their luck on the darker side of the live cam moon, so you may eventually find not so professional, but more reasonably priced shows.

The shows you will see on the LivePrivates, especially in the fetish section, will prove to be arousing and utterly satisfying for all those who are interested in hard things, such as domination and different insertions. Depending on your needs, you can ask the girls to destroy your manhood, making you their slave and making you to do the thing you wouldn’t do otherwise, such as… well, fingering your ass for example. However, if you are someone who prefers to control and dominate women, but you can’t actually do it in real life, due to the social norms, you will have fun with these girls. If you want, they could fight you, try to make you submit, but eventually, they are going to break and do your bidding. What turns you on the fight or the control? No matter, you can enjoy both. We have seen some fine dungeon setups in the chat rooms, so it’s quite sure that you are going to find a woman who could introduce chains, straps, and masks to the game. Though we are not exactly into this kind of thing, but we tried a heavy show, and it was very well done, so if you take our word for granted, you will try these shows too!


As you might have felt as you read through this LivePrivates fetish review, we have an overall positive impression. Due to the fact that there are dozens of models usually online at the fetish page, you won’t be bored, and it’s also quite certain that the shows will satisfy all your needs, no matter how hard or kinky it is. Naturally, the fetish shows have to be discussed before going private, because you might like to top-up your account so you won’t be kicked out of the room for your credits are gone. After all, our LivePrivates review concludes in a “this is recommended” sentence.


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