Live Jasmin Mature

Live Jasmin Mature

Brief Description

We are quite certain that you’ve heard about the LiveJasmin before. This industry leading live cam show provider is one of the oldest and most trusted among such sites. Launched by an ambitious Hungarian, the LiveJasmin has been online for a very long time: it launched in 2001, with the name Jasmin, and with the “hu” (for Hungary) extension. Soon after launching, it started to grow and turned György Gattyán into a multi-millionaire. Nowadays, the LiveJasmin is not just one of the many, it’s still on the top, and while there are copycats, clones, and white label sites, you can find everything on this site, there is no need to join any other portals. In fact, if there is something new on this field and the LiveJasmin implements it, all others follow.

So, we have here a site with a long history (though there are some older ones) and with a great recipe for success. But what you get as a member? Well, first, you gain access to the largest live cam hosts’ database, with more than 65,000 models, from this number, about 40-45,000 are female, the rest are guys and trannies. As a member of the LiveJasmin, you will get extra stuff to watch too. The first layer of content here consists of the live shows. On the next tier, you can find the professionally shot photos. Another level of goodies is the Jasmin TV, which is a somewhat new service: it has videos of the top hosts, and it also has actual shows performed. These are themed scenes on themed channels, such as gamer chicks or boxing girls. You will be able to watch these videos online only, there are no downloads offered. Recently, the LiveJasmin models conquered the hearts of some artists, who made pictures of them, which you can browse and buy at the Jasmin Art section of the site.

Site Specifics

The LiveJasmin looks a bit basic at first, but actually, it’s pretty good and really advanced. If you are just a simple visitor, you still get to receive some goodness. As the page loads, you can see the currently online models listed. Now, if you want, you could peek into their room: move your mouse over to their picture, and after a few seconds, you can see what’s going on at them… if they are still in the free chat room. As a member, you will find that navigation is pretty good. Let’s assume that you are looking for matures (at least that’s what we think since you read this review). You can find a main gender/category selection tool on the left of the page, you should pick Mature Women from there. Then, then the main list will change. There are additional filtering options you could use: type your search queries into the search field or pick from the categories, this way narrowing down the length of the list. When you find someone, just click on her photo, and you are good to go. You can add girls to your favorites’ list, and if you are looking for a woman to spoil, you can find her among these models.

Among the features of the LiveJasmin, you will find HD video streams, cam-to-cam and audio chat too. Also, there are girls with special features, you should check their profile page for those. The profile of the models is usually fully filled, and you can find all important information about them on their page. Also, their profile is where you will see their photos and videos, you can usually access them if you are a fan-club member. The quality in the LiveJasmin rooms is very good, and it’s also quite consistent: most of the girls are doing their shows in a studio environment, but those who do it from home also have a good camera. You can’t download the archived shows or the Jasmin TV videos, everything is streamed.

Models and Videos

There are thousands of mature models at the LiveJasmin. You will surely find dozens of them online, no matter when you log in. You are going to find here all types of matures, including some not-too-old ones, and several who are very near to be considered as grannies, which is another niche. Mostly European and American matures are featured, but you might run into some hot Asian ladies too, who are not just classy, but also kinky in a way. You will find here several models who seem to be professionals, and since the world is huge and highly populated there are always new models coming. You can find an area for the new models. Those who are looking for hard sex will find out quite soon that these ladies are not joking about being professionals and hardcore, they will do almost everything you ask them to do.

In order to satisfy your needs, the mature models of the LiveJasmin will hear you out and perform to the limit. We have found several mature lesbian couples, but unfortunately (for us, at least) they were occupied, we checked them many times, but they were in private all the time. Well, that’s a good thing, it means they are good, and they have guests. There are solo matures of course, and they will entertain you too, so you are going to see that they are just what you need. Anal beads, gagging, anal insertions, domination or submission are all featured; it doesn’t really matter what your needs are as these ladies are flexible, and they will certainly do what you want.


The LiveJasmin would be a recommended live cam show site even if it hadn’t had such a big database of mature performers. With the great features it will satisfy all your needs, and while you are there, you should check the bonus content too, because that’s something you won’t get on too many sites of this nature. In order to make you happy, the ladies will prove to be eager, and you are going to find out that they really enjoy and know their professions, so the quality is always top-notch.


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