Leche 69

Leche 69

Brief Description

The models of the site are all professionals, and they are totally gorgeous, your mind will blow when you start watching these movies. You will see some large names in the model’s list too, so not just unknown in-land stars are featured. When you join the Leche69 you will see that you have entered into a regularly updated network of hardcore porn from Spain. Apart from the large collection of the site which counts more than 900 movies, you gain access to some extras. First, you will be able to browse the original sites where the videos came from; second, as the site is part of the Stiffia network you can add a site to your account every 30 days for free. This site offers you exclusive porn videos, and it’s the quality that we should mention. On the Leche69 you will be impressed: the latest movies offer 1080p definition, while the rest is normal HD, and hardly any SD scenes are to be found here. There are regular updates on the site; new flicks are added each week or every two weeks in some cases.

Site Specifics

You need to get used to the site, because as soon as you land on the home page, a trailer starts to play, and if you have you speakers turned on, it might cause some unpleasantness. However, the page that loads in your browser looks good, and it offers some really neat options for browsing and for touring around. You can enjoy trailers, which will grant you a good insight on the overall nature of the given scene, and some juicy action is also shown in them. As for design and layout, you can see that the site looks good, and though there are lots of pictures the menu is always available, so it’s easy to find your way around. In the members’ area a simple and not so cluttered site welcomes you as soon as you log in. There will be two menus: one for network-wide navigation, and one for the site. A basic search is implemented, and you can go through the content by using some normal filtering and sorting options. These will prove to be enough to get to the content you seek. The videos of the site are all 720p HD movies and everything is MP4 format. When you open the embedded player and start playing, it accesses the MP4 resources file. As for playback: after the initial lagging and buffering the videos go on smoothly. Those who like to save everything they like will be able to do so: MP4 files are offered for download; take it or leave it, your choice. As all Stiffia sites, the Leche69 has a really handsome, and highly usable mobile interface too.

Models and Videos

Spain is a wonderful place. Though it’s not a rich country, and it has a stormy history, we can thank the Spanish for a lot good things, especially for exploring the world back at their prime time. The landscape of Spain is quite spectacular, and you know what’s hot there? Not just the weather, but the girls of Spain are. On the Leche69 you can enjoy hundreds of porn videos coming straight from Spain, featuring the cutest Spanish chicks you can find. Spain is located in Europe, so the porn the Spanish do have that spice only European porn can have. There are hot girls, with nice, natural bodies, and well-hung lads are fucking them all day long. The models you can see on the Leche69 are mostly professionals, though in some cases, there are debuting girls too, who are just shooting their first serious porn. The models’ database of the site is quite varied. Mostly two ethnicities are present: there are Caucasian models, and the Latina-like Hispanic wonders. Their skins shine in various shades, which make them quite different from each other. Since Spain has its own porn industry, there is a hard core of professional models, who have everything the US models: big fake breast, enhanced lips, and a high level of expertise in handling cocks and spreading legs. What you can find on the Leche69 is quite astonishing. Though the collection isn’t fully exclusive, it’s a kind of unique, because you don’t have to join Spanish porn sites, to get Spanish porn, and you can add other European-focused sites to your account every month for free. This is professional porn, so everything you can see here is staged. The Leche69’s compilation has more than 2,000 scenes for you, covering various niches. For example, you can find here monster cock sex, anal sex (with reality-porn elements). Among the site’s collection, you can enjoy a big number of videos, which claim to be debuting scenes of these models, so some semi-amateur fun is also ensured. The hardcore straight scenes usually feature all popular positions, and almost all of them feature anal penetration. If you enjoy group sex, there is a series, where the girls are getting a bukkake session, so by the end of the show, they are literally covered with cum. Apart from the bukkake, and there are threesomes and other group-like videos too. No hardcore site can be without some lesbian sex, and on the Leche69 you can also get some of this.


If you like European porn, you should join the Leche69, because it offers a great collection and some amazingly hot girls. In case you are just seeking for porn, this spectacular page is still a good choice, because the sex is hardcore, and the movies have the spice that only the European porn can provide. When it comes to extras, the site doesn’t offer much at first look, but if you stay here more than a month, you can add a site to your account totally free. These sites you can choose from cover many niches, from nasty German porn, to erotic videos from Erika Lust.


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