Brief Description

There is nothing out there like amateur videos, and while some of them tend to be very bad or just in a terrible, pixelated quality, you just start wondering whether there are any good amateur sites left. There are, let me assure you, and one of them is named karupsha, which stands for Karup’s Hometown Amateurs, a site dedicated to the girls who have a hunger for porn, cocks and masturbation, and they are not afraid to share it with the camera.

Site Specifics

As it is with amateur sites, you would see a grid of videos and categories as soon as you enter, but it is not like this with karupsha, which has a nice little home page, with a pinkish background and many pictures and videos of girls, but organized so that you could see what it is all about. It is all about sex and masturbation, and getting your game on, making you horny and satisfied. What I really liked is the fact that once you get to the videos, it is easy to get the ones you like due to the really nicely made sorting options and the categories.

The categories are numerous but are not really as important as the navigation which is spotless, giving you the best browsing experience without lag, which is preferred on all sites, not just porn ones. What is more, I found that the site is optimized for the mobile devices as well, thus making it available for that cozy sofa you have and not just the desktop monitors.

Models and Videos

With amateurs, you can expect variety when it comes to content, and that is exactly what you get on this site. Diversity and variety is probably the best possible way to have you sitting by the screen for a long time, as you would have so much different content to look at. The girls themselves are fresh, yet very experienced when it comes to showing their passion on the camera. Whether it is masturbation, where the girl sits and touches her wet, tight pussy, or plays with toys, those vibrating ones which make her scream, or if she goes for a huge dick, filled with cum, and rides it until it is ready to be sucked off, to the point where all the cum ends up in her mouth, it is all a matter of choice, and the choice is easy to make, once you see all the available videos.

Apart from the videos, there are a lot of galleries you could look at, once you get fed up with all the screams and wish to enjoy a little peace and quiet of the sexy, spread pussies that you could see in the photos. What is more, with regularly added videos, up to six times a week, you get a lot of porn to look at, and not just look at, but download as well, or stream, depending on the size of your hard drive. With a nifty membership plan, you could easily get hold of a lot of porn, whether images or videos, all updated regularly, all there to make you very much satisfied.


Whether you enjoy girls sucking huge cocks and riding them or just love to look at them touch their own pussies and play with toys, you are in for a ride, one that ends in the pleasure zone and a lot of orgasms. Join in the fun at karupsha, where all the amateur videos and pictures that you like can be found, all available for downloading or streaming once you join, which makes up for a really fun and enjoyable experience.


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