Insane Coeds

Insane Coeds

Brief Description

A wild intellectual chick is a difficult person to identify. Usually either the chick is wild, or the chick is an intellectual, but not both. But when the wild and intellectual sides of a chick meet, you are sure to find the sparks flying high. This is often a very rare combination and many sites find it difficult to feature such sluts. The reasons for this are plenty, but the main reason seems to be identifying a chick with such a combination. True, it is difficult to find such a slut, though not impossible. The cost outweighs the benefit, and hence, porn sites do not give much preference to this niche.

What if we told you that there is a site which offers you sluts with this unique combination? Surprised? Well, don’t be, for InsaneCoeds is a site that gives you the best of both, wildness and intellectual looks, in one chick. And the site has numerous chicks that you can watch and enjoy, and all of them have this unique combination in equal measures. If you have cast your doubts on such a site, then you should read this review. You will realize how wrong you were. After you will have finished reading this review, we don’t want to take any blame for your actions, for we believe that you will seek a wild intellectual as your partner to fuck off to glory!

Site Specifics

When I visited this site, it stirred my conscious and evoked very nostalgic feelings. It reminded me of that slut who wore some of the hottest outfits, but would never mingle with any guys, contended with what she was and where she was. Like the background of this site, the slut loved pink. She was fair, and when she blushed, the pinkiness of her skin overwhelmed her. The same applies here to this site too. The pink background reminded me of the skin of that sexy slut. All nostalgia ended with the pink, for it is here that the site manages to take off in a different direction. There are a few features that stand out prominently on this site, and these include the logo and the description of the chick. But before we delve into these key features, let us look at the others that make up this site.

There is a list of four chicks each on the two tour pages that you will get to see on logging in. Each chick has a dedicated photograph, one that is very provocative and seductive. When you see the photograph, you will feel that the slut is eyeing you seductively and inviting you to fuck her. Sitting on a sofa reading a book or carrying books, or even stripping for you, these large images are sure to keep the adrenaline rushing to your dick. A slightly darker pink background complements the overall pink, and this backdrop, all texts are very clearly seen. Below the large image, you will find a few thumbnails, about eight of them, showing the true image of the slut. Naked and playing with her pussy with dildos and other sex toys, you would want to see more of this.

A downloadable video complements the photograph and this is free. You can watch a trailer of what this chick is, what she likes and how she will look during an act. All acts in the free trailer are solo acts, with the chick masturbating for you in front of the camera. I will now discuss the two most interesting points. The logo and the description. The logo is spot-on and hits you at the right place. The cartoon image of a beautiful chick, some books and a graduation day hat and InsaneCoeds in orange and pink with a blue border complement each other. This also reminds me of this age old saying: Don’t judge a book by its cover. It means that just because the slut is dressed in a very simple outfit doesn’t mean she is innocent and shy. Behind this innocent and shy nature may lie a tigress who can make her man go wild and crazy in bed.

The second point is the description. The description is put up against the backdrop of a book page. This is another indication of the wild and intellectual combination of the chicks. Bookish, yet sexy and wild beyond imagination. That’s InsaneCoeds’ description of each slut it features. You seem to be restless. Are you missing out that nerdy chick of an earlier time? Too early to jump to conclusions, but this may come true after you read the next section.

Models and Videos

We have been talking about the combination of wildness and intellectual combination in sluts and how InsaneCoeds has managed to rope in chicks with such blends. Let me describe a slut who I found to be a perfect combination of the above. You will second us too. Michelle loves to be the centre of attention wherever she goes. She has an amazing face, and curly hair. Her looks always seem to be seductive, and she loves to look at people from the corner of her eyes. Beautifully developed pouts, perfectly shaped nose and eyes that do a lot of speaking, you might mistake her for a silly intellectual chick if she were to have books with her. But that’s what is special about this chick.

She loves to flash her thong to onlookers at the most inappropriate places, such as the cafeteria, much to the chagrin of other sluts. She is trying to gauge who might need this free service of watching her thongs. If none is interested, then she would take her dildo out and as the others watch her, she does the impossible, pushes her thong aside, pulling her dildo out, she inserts it into her pink shaven cunt. Guys are hooked on to her pussy, while the other sluts are trying to keep their boyfriends from watching this free-for-all show.

For me, Michelle was the ultimate combination of wild and intellectual, and I would love to fuck her in all holes, irrespective of where she is. So, if she was at the cafeteria, I would fuck her brains out, and use her nipples and pussy to eat my sushi and other dishes. And how about the others? Allow them to watch me do this in jealousy.
Ah, you seem to be heading towards the edge of your chair. Mind yourself, you are going to fall off!


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