I Love GFs

I Love GFs

Brief Description

When tired of all the professional pornstars and their constant moaning and yelling and action which seems too unrealistic to be actually enjoyable, one tends to look up other solutions to porn and arousing action. Well, with luck on your side, and a bit of reading, you could find yourself on ilovegfs.com, where the amateur girls are waiting in numbers to be viewed doing some of the kinkiest stuff out there, all for the sake of pleasure and having fun.

Site Specifics

As it were, the site itself is very nicely done, a pleasure to look at, as well as the girls themselves. The site’s home page is enough to persuade a person to join, by simply taking a look at the giant collage on it, a person could be taunted into joining, actually. On the collage are the photos from the videos, and the photos themselves, of the girls in action, in all the possible poses and doing different stuff. The rest of the page has previews from videos and photos, and they are more than enough to convince a person to join, as in the members’ area are the actual videos and photos. That section is sorted nicely, and with a search bar, you are able to find the videos you prefer in a moment’s notice. That goes for the rest of the site, as it is very speedy, and it only takes a moment for you to reach from point A to point porn. That applies to the mobile versions of the site, all of them, as the site is greatly optimized.

Models and Videos

Getting to the girls themselves, one can enjoy a whole variety of different ladies, as this is an amateur site, meaning that all the content is user submitted. You will find no professionals here, nor models, only girls that like to film themselves, or be filmed by their boyfriends or girlfriends. That being said, the video quality is very different, as well, going from video to video. You can find them in full HD, or just some average resolution, shot by an average mobile phone. The only thing that is not average is the quality of the content here. Real life amateurs get it on with one another, and have themselves a very good time. Dick sucking, fucking and anal action, all could be found within the pages of the site. You could also find lesbian action, girl on girl fun, as well as threesomes, with two males, or two females. As far as the amateurs are concerned, nothing is forbidden, so orgies are included, which end up in a lot of cum swallowing and cum swapping. There is something here for everyone, no matter how kinky, you could find your girl, in the gigantic collection the site has. If that is not enough, you should consider the fact that all the videos are available for downloading, and the photos too, as many as you can fit on your hard drive. Though, there is more, and it comes in the form of 20 more sites which you would be able to access for the price of one. That is really something to consider, as it adds up to a lot of porn.


With all the sites across the network being constantly updated, new videos and photos are added every day, and the collection keeps growing, making you a very happy member of these sites. And you should remember that by joining ilovegfs.com, you not only get access to all the amateur girlfriends that you would love to see, but to many more sites, which content you would be able to download, limitlessly, or to the limit of your hard drives.

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