Hot Bitch High

Hot Bitch High

Brief Description

Like any other site, porn sites become successful due to numerous factors, such as the design & features and girls & videos. When these factors combine perfectly, you get a site that will you will want to visit frequently. HotBitchHigh has everything going in favour of it because of the colours used, and the quality of videos and photos, not to mention the sexiness of the sluts featured in the videos. What’s the USP of HotBitchHigh then, if it has everything going in favour of it? Nubile amateurs. Yes, that’s the USP of HotBitchHigh. Stumped when you read the word nubile? Is your mind racing to connect the dots and get back to an era where you ruled the roost during your formative days, had sluts drooling over you and the way you fucked that cute bitch, driving her crazy?

That’s it! You have hit the bullseye now, and this is what you get to see on HotBitchHigh. Sexy, horny, docile, submissive and obedient nubile chicks are sure to take you to a bygone era of your life that you would like to playback once again.bYour dick is getting itchy, and we can sense it. To help you jerk off better, before you sign up, we have compiled this review for you. We are confident that after reading this review, you will be encouraged to subscribe to this site and enjoy a good night’s worth fapping experience.

Site Specifics

We have been discussing about a site’s design and how it makes or breaks a site. Let us quickly focus on the features of HotBitchHigh that make it such a good site to visit and enjoy. Right from the word go, the site has hit the bullseye consistently, whether it is the colour scheme, the choice of bitches, the subscription and the overall design of the site.

We are at a loss of words as to where to start with. Let us start with the subscription information. Generally, we start from the beginning, but for a change, let us do the reverse now. Subscribing to this site is the best thing that can happen to you. Affordable, whether you opt for the 30-day non-recurring plan, 30-day special recurring plan or the 90-day recurring plan, you are sure to get the best out of your hard-earned money. Opting for the 90-day plan will save you significant amounts. Subscription will give you access to hundreds of thousands of photos, tons of hours of videos, daily updates and access to 20+ sites in the partner network. If you subscribe now, you get access to 37 sites, including HotBitchHigh, at a dirt-cheap price. So, what more do you need?

This site has the look and feel of a bygone era and this is evident when you watch the brick-red wall background. Spreading across the browser window, the background takes you to back that era of your life. On this, you will find the porn content, strategically placed on the centre and scrolling down. An old-fashioned website, this scrolling down makes you go crazy, as if you were watching a naked slut from head to toe, exciting to see her nipples pointing out towards you, pussy wet enough to easily slide your dick.

The videos are loaded on blackboards with wooden frames. This looks amazing, and gives you the true feel of a room you probably hated the most. Four thumbnails, at the bottom right of the blackboard, a description in the right-centre of the board and porn stars featured on the top right complete the content on each black board. Scrolling down the list of four videos on the site will remind you of going to four different rooms and finding that each room has a different bitch wanting to be fucked and sucked, and played with.

There are red-coloured text boxes inviting you to Join Now. The text in these boxes have a yellow coloured halo, giving a sexy hue to the entire set-up. At the top of the site, is a banner that will leave you go gaga. Hot Bitch High on the top of the administrative building tells you that this place has the bitchiest sluts in town and they are ready to blow your mind away. Chicks spreading their legs, having their tops off and showing their milk jugs can make your dick go hard in no time. The yellow coloured banner suits the site perfectly. If you are excited, then your dick will soon go out of control when you read the next section on girls and videos.

Models and Videos

Everybody loves nubile sluts, because they love the feeling of their dick piercing a tight and juicy cunt. The tighter the cunt, the harder the man cums. Many men secretly desire this and fantasize fucking a nubile slut. Are you among those who love to fuck a nubile bitch? Then this site will surely satisfy your inner desires. It is not only their tight and juicy cunts that will attract you, but their horny and slutty nature. These chicks can do anything to be in the limelight, be it fucking the hottest hunk / athlete, or spending a night with the horny professor / principal to get good grades, or experimenting with their bodies. You will never seem to get enough of these sluts.

Before we describe a video that we liked, let us describe these chicks for you. We are sure that you will drool after you read this. The sluts have amazing bodies. Remember the banner we described. That’s exactly what you get on this site. We have a fetish for boobs, and we couldn’t take our eyes off their breasts for a second. Firm, round, and just right to cup them with your hands, you would want to grope and fondle them day and night. Their nipples were dark and perky, and when they were hard and pointed, we wanted to suck them dry.

By far, we liked the video where five bitches decided to spend a night together in one of the bitch’s hostel room. Having seduced and getting permission from the horny hostel warden, the girls get to spend their Slumber Party. What Slumber Party? Don’t you know what happens when five horny cunts get together at night? Sparks fly high and they end up getting their dildos and vibrators out, insert them into the pussies and assholes, put on the vibrators and squirt and cum multiple times. The sight of the sluts licking and swapping the cunt juices, kissing each other and fucking with strapon dildos will make you cum harder than ever before.


Do you need any other reason to subscribe to this site? Probably no. As we wrote this review, we couldn’t resist cumming ourselves, for the videos were so good. All videos were of HD quality with amazing clarity and sound. We couldn’t make out what video to describe, and ended up with the Slumber Party for it was the hottest. We are sure you will get the same experience that we got on this site. Happy Jerking!


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