Brief Description

The HornyBirds is a party-porn site, where you can see long movies shot during various girls-only parties which have gone astray at one point. There are bachelorette parties, class-reunions, birthday parties and some other types of gatherings that turned into hardcore orgies. If you like amateurs and amateur-like porn you will enjoy these nasty videos, especially in case you prefer group sex. Thought the majority of the content is user-submitted, the RealityKings is the mastermind behind the website, which also means that there will high quality and sometimes when there is no party, they throw one with their contracted girls. This page isn’t too old, but due to the fact that this kind of parties are hard to find, the update schedule is very inconsistent. At this time, there are 17 videos here, and though the number isn’t too big, they are very long scenes: they usually go on for more than 80 minutes.

Sometimes month can pass between two videos, and probably this is the biggest downfall of the site. But, there is a very good way to get more for your membership fee. There are six sites that are not available in the main network of the RealityKings. Last year, the folks behind these sites decided that it’s time to get them together under one hat. This way, the SnapLeaks was created. The HornyBirds is part of it, but if you join this site itself, you get access to only its videos. To get the best out of you time, you should visit the main site of the SnapLeaks and join there. This way you get six sites for the price of one, including the HornyBirds. The other pages feature a mix of reality and amateur porn, and apart from the girlfriend-porn, you can enjoy big-shot sites like the ever-famous DareDorm. As you might expect, all videos of the HornyBirds are exclusive.

Site Specifics

As you can see on the tour page of the HornyBirds, it’s just as simple as the concept of the videos. Apart from the large thumbnails and the main banner, the only things to see here are the trailers. They get you the insight you need to decide about joining. You can watch sever preview videos, you just need to refresh/reload the page a few times for the featured video to change. In the members’ you can enjoy the videos fully, that’s only expected.

Apart from the site’s actual content, you can get some bonus feeds, and there are live cam shows, and a dating site included too. (Though the recommended method is still to join the SnapLeaks). If you are a girl and had a hot party, you could upload it, and if they accept, you can get some cash for it. The HornyBirds is a streaming only site. You can enjoy the videos right from your browser, without making a fuss with downloads and waiting time. Open a scene, click on the play sign, and enjoy the show. There are also video captions and a trailer for preview, so you can decide if you want to watch that scene or not.

Models and Videos

The women you can see on the videos of the horny birds are really mixed, and horny pieces. Though the site claims that it’s actual amateur porn, featuring real parties gone wild, it’s might be safer to assume that some girls are professionals, and they were thrown into the heat of the party to turn it up a bit. No matter how much porn experience these girls have though, because they are hot, and they are doing really outrageous and sexy things. As you will see there are surprisingly cute girls in there, and while some of them are under the twentieth year, the majority comes from the bit more mature, but not yet cougar or MILF ages. This means also a great variety, and an astonishingly large number of fake tits.

It’s quite certain that you will be surprised how many of the actual amateur here have upgraded breasts. However, they are not falling over the horse, and have nicely done upgrades. Since the majority of the videos come from the States, in almost all videos you can hear English talking, but as you will see there is mostly screaming and ‘whooo’-ing in them. Most girls are Caucasians, however, you can find in the scenes dozens of Latinas, Asians and Black chicks, so the ethnic variety is ensured too. Every video here is very long. If you start watching one, you should make time for it, because from the beginning to the cum-filled end, two or even three hours could pass. These parties are very hot, and every minute worth watching. There are really many things going on in them, from softcore to heavier hardcore elements too. Most movies start the same way: the girls gather for some reason, like bachelorette parties or reunions. They eat, drink than someone introduces the surprise, which usually means a group of strippers… who are not just taking off their clothes, but also fuck the girls if they want. You wouldn’t believe that things like these are possible, but those scenes that are really amateur-made will change your view you have about the world.

The girls are doing very nasty things, and they are not fooling around when it comes to sex. There are lots of blowjobs given, but don’t worry, the girls are going to get drilled too. Also, apart from going into a cock-frenzy, some girls are eating pussy too, so your lesbian fantasies are covered too.


The HornyBirds is a very hot porn site, but the fact that it’s not updating too often makes a man wonder whether it’s worth to join or not. Truth to be told, you shouldn’t go for this site alone. If you like porn just as it is, but you are interested in the HornyBirds, the best choice would be to enter the site through the SnapLeaks. This way you can get some more frequently updated sites, and apart from the great content here, you can have some extra to watch between updates.

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