Brief Description

Hardcore BDSM lovers should definitely check out Hogtied. This awesome website is a member of the Kink.com family of sites, focusing on delivering high-quality BDSM porn for those who like their girls tied-up and pleasured in the nastiest ways possible. If you’re in the mood to have some fun with your favorite BDSM fetishes, you’ll be sure to find a video in Hogtied that you’ll like, completely uncensored and high definition, of course! Hogtied is a pretty popular site, partly because of its Kink.com affiliation, and also because it’s a veritable BDSM site in its own right. It’s got everything you’ll need as a BDSM enthusiast videos, a forum, great affiliate sites, and even its own shop of sex toys and other goodies! Hogtied is a BDSM fetish haven, and definitely a site you’ll find yourself coming back too if you enjoy this type of adult entertainment.

Site Specifics

Hogtied is a large website, with pages upon pages of pure, unbridled BDSM goodness. The site welcomes you with an introduction/age filter page, detailing all the quality videos and content you’re about to enjoy once you enter. The home page quite organized, filled to the brim with updates and featured videos, which you can sort by date, popularity, and other tags. You can even change the way you view the update feed from gallery to full preview. This way, you’ll always be on top of what’s hot and new in Hogtied! Aside from the home page, Hogtied has a wealth of other pages for you to enjoy. The forum page is a great way to get to know other people who like BDSM and other fun fetishes. The sub-forums are divided as “Kink Communities”, from general discussions to specific kink sites such as Bound Gods, Foot Worship, and Electrosluts to personals and technical support threads. You can sort threads by tags, or find a specific discussion via entering a keyword on the search bar on top of the page. Looking for fun sex toys to jazz up the bedroom? Or some serious BDSM gear for enthusiasts interested in entering the scene? Hogtied links to Kink.com’s very own online store, with hundreds of products for every fetish you can think of. Whether you’re interested in CBT or sensation play or orgasm denial, Kink.com has got something for you to try out. With awesome discounts that update regularly! If you’re interested in a preview of Hogtied’s high quality videos, you should check out their preview page. Hogtied does not scrimp on the free content they’ve got dozens of video previews for the discerning audience. Everything is sorted via sub-genres, like Lezdom or public sex or foot worship, so you can browse to your heart’s content. You can even preview their live cams! Hogtied’s diverse list of affiliate sites is accessible through their link page. From here, you can go to the many other sites under Kink.com’s flagship website. Visit Bound Gods, Naked Kombat, 3D Kink, and other fetish sites with the same amount of awesome content that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Models and Videos

Hogtied is led by the gorgeous Claire Adams, who specializes in “Shibari” or Japanese rope play. She stars in hot Lezdom videos that put most BDSM doms to shame. Even the most seasoned BDSM enthusiasts will love the new dimensions this brilliant domme brings to the art of domination and submission. If you think your regular content is too vanilla, you’ll find that Claire Adams delivers every video with an extra side of kink just the way you like it. If you’re in the mood to see your favorite porn stars bound and pleasured in the nastiest ways possible, Hogtied has some of the best, most experienced actors on the roster for you. Those who like their girls fresh-faced and unknown will enjoy Hogtied’s wealth of amateur actors, ready and willing to be tied up and spread wide for your viewing pleasure. All these beautiful women are here to enjoy the brilliant BDSM productions only Hogtied can provide, and what better thing to do than to join them? Hogtied boasts a whopping 1,100 videos, which adds up to 620+ hours of pure BDSM content. They also offer 195,000 HD photos from their endless productions, and promises high quality content that update on a weekly basis. Videos are available for streaming or download in Windows Media (wmv) or iPod (mp4) format. And if the archived videos are still not enough, Hogtied also offers On Demand and Pay-Per-View streaming, for the most up-to-date, high-quality BDSM content in HD. If you’re more into live performances, then you’ll enjoy Hogtied’s monthly live streaming shows, always in high definition with a new, gorgeous girl reaching a height of pleasure you haven’t seen before.


Hogtied promises hours and hours of quality BDSM videos and other content, for the experienced enthusiast to interested beginners alike. Being a sub-site of Kink.com, you’ll be sure that Hogtied never fails to deliver to a certain standard of production, which is evident in all the other sites under Kink.com’s purview. With more than 1,100 videos for you to watch and jack off to your heart’s content, you’ll never be bored with what Hogtied has on offer. Aside from what’s already on the archives, Hogtied updates on a weekly basis and has a monthly HD live show for your viewing pleasure. You’ll never run out of videos to watch when you subscribe to Hogtied’s web content! Hogtied doesn’t stop there, either. Their online store offers a wealth of sex toys and BDSM gear for those who want to enter the scene whether in the privacy and comfort of their bedrooms or out there with other enthusiasts. And if you’re looking to meet and chat with people who like the same fun fetishes as you, then Hogtied’s community forum is best place to be. Their Kink Communities offer a safe, consensual space for everyone to talk about their favorite fetishes, and you’ll be sure to find someone to share your particular interests with. All in all, if you’re in the market for a website that delivers quality content and offers a large community of people interested in the same scene/kink, then Hogtied is the website for you. Hogtied is a BDSM haven for both seasoned players and beginners in the scene, so wherever you fall on that spectrum, you won’t regret giving this site a visit!


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