Hidden Showers

Hidden Showers

Brief Description

Admit it you like to play voyeur sometimes. Remember those times when you waited for your sister to move into the shower and then tiptoe to look through the keyhole and catch a glimpse of whatever you can? Remember when you tarried in the male toilet at work just so you could hear the sigh of relief as your female colleagues eased themselves. Being voyeur is something that is in every human’s juice. Whether you accept it or not, if you were to meet a naked lady today your eyes would first be drawn to her boobs and pussy. At least now that we have agreed that there is a bit of a voyeur in each of us, I can let you into my little secret. Yes secret; I know a place where you can be a voyeur without the fear of being caught. That place is called hidden-showers. Ok, you are right it is not really a place it is a site but that even makes it better. It means you don’t have to travel for miles just to go and watch some girl in a shower. You can watch from wherever you feel comfortable. This site carries videos and pictures of girls and boys in showers. As they go about their business in the shower, they are being filmed by hidden cameras just so people like you can be entertained. You really have no business lingering around showers when people are taking a bath or doing whatever they do when they go to take a bath. This is because doing this could land you in jail. However, the guys at hidden-showers have decided to help you enjoy your favorite pastime; being a voyeur. It took them a lot of time to install hidden webcams in those bathrooms so they can get exclusive pictures of what happens in there. Surely you know it takes time and money to do all that just so you can have good videos. Therefore, you should not be surprised to know that for the time and effort they have put in, they will charge you a cheap fee that has to be paid before you can get access to the full video. At least, this is the least contribution you can do for all the entertainment you will be getting. There is no need to worry about your personal data getting into the wrong hands. All the right security measures have been put in place to ensure all your dealings on the site are safe and secure.

Site Specifics

The web design of hidden-showers is pretty elegant. The cyan background adds a rich texture to the site design. It is a simple design with a header and content arranged in pages. Most of the content on the landing page are picture links to recently updated videos. The website is arranged in pages and there are up to 127 of these pages.
A lot of the display is in pictures with girls and boys filmed while bathing or making out in the showers. As you browse the different pages, you can click on any picture to play a preview. Note that not all picture links will allow a preview. Sometimes when you click on a picture link, you will be automatically taken to the join now page. This mostly happens for those who have not yet joined as members. On bottom right-hand corner of the site, you will find some models with the tag click me. If you click on any of these models, you will be taken to the hidden zone website. One thing you can be sure of on this site is the quality of the content. Videos are shot in HD and they can be downloaded. The download speed is really good and there is a download manager to help. As a bonus, those who join hidden-showers will also have access to two other sites. These are a-magazine and private-love.

Models and Videos

The models are pretty slim girls ranging from blonde to brunette. All of these girls are in the bathroom playing with their boobs or pussy as they turn on the shower and allow the water to pour all over their bodies. Oblivious to them, there is a hidden camera that is filming their every move. Because they are not aware that they are being filmed, there is no fidgeting or uneasiness in their faces. They are just taking a bath like any other girl. They are touching their pussies and masturbating until they come. Yet all the while you are there watching them and getting excited thanks to the hidden cameras. Although these videos are shot in the bathroom where there is very likely to be mists, they still come out well. This is evidence that the type of gadget that was used for filming was of very good quality. As a member on this site, you will be able to play voyeur by watching what these boys and girls do when they get to the shower. Don’t be surprised to find that instead of taking a bath; they are busy, fingering their pussies. If you want, you can download these videos to your devices. Nevertheless, there is also the option of watching the videos directly online. On the site there are over 1000 videos available and more is being added every day. The site gets updated on a regular basis


Most of us have a bit of a voyeur in us. We will love to look at the private part of another person if they are bold enough to be naked in front of us. Most times, however, people try to hide their nakedness so we turn to voyeurs; peeping through keyholes and hidden cameras all in a bid to catch a glimpse of some pussy or boobs. To help you meet your fantasies, hidden-showers has put together a series of videos that were taken by hidden cameras in shower rooms. So if you really love to peep behind doors and windows, you no longer have to do this. Just register to become a member at hidden-showers.


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