Harlem Swagger

Harlem Swagger

Brief Description

Black dudes with wash board table abs fucking each other with high horniness, this is the focal point of the website Harlem Swaggers. These dudes have all the attributes which can make any women wet in her panties, but they love to rub their bodies with a dude just like them and create some erotic brotherly romance. Their love for each other is seen clearly as there is no holding back. The dicks are hard and aroused and the fuck is done intensely. Ebony men when they fuck have their own charm and charisma. Their brown and shiny skin, their polished and sweaty heads, the pumping of muscles every time they thrust is all quite stimulating. Plus if you are a female or gay porn lover, then you will find that these muscled hunks are also quite the lookers. They are all handsome and have that oomph factor. When I was touring the site, I noticed that the site had a few flaws but the impressive thing was that the content was genuine. The videos though are clear and also have decent run time; they are not in the best of picture formats. The site promises HD videos, then when you check them out, you will find that the clarity is a big dower. But there is no denying that fact that the stuff inside is stupendous and will give you a hard on quickly. The site does offer you the option to download as well as stream the videos but when I tried to download one, I found out that it takes an awful lot of time. The updates are also not timely. These few reasons are probably why the site has not managed to attain the kind of popularity it deserves. However the site is easy on the eye and you will get a great number of videos to cater to. The pages are also not that troublesome to navigate and the subscriptions are extremely really cheap. You will also be happy to know that there are some bonus offerings which are presented by the site after you become one of its affiliates. Now let us check out some other essential points of the site such as the design, the layout as well as the steps of getting an account. So follow the review closely. There are plenty of other aspects which need to be discussed such as the design, the layout and etc. So read the remainder of the review.

Site Specifics

The website is organized in its content presentation. You will find plenty of thumbnails with the names of the actors as well as the stats it has got from the viewers. The background is also good and compliments the content wonderfully. The important menu options are also displayed and depending on the page you want to visit, you can check out that part of the site easily. The site also gives you a search engine which you can use to find out the videos which gives you utmost sexcitement. You will also find that the videos are available for downloads at a very convenient price but in order to obtain them you will have to set up an affiliation. The steps are simple and require you to spare some of your details including your email address, and send out the request. The website will quickly come back to you with a confirmation of your request and after that you can download as many as you can as because there are no restrictions imposed by the site. Download speed of the site good but something outstanding. The rate of the subscription however is very manageable and will not prove to be a burden to your pockets. You will not come across any irritating advertisements as well as pop up banners disrupting your views. The details which you offer to the site are also safely protected and it is not used for any such malware operations. Another disappointment is that the site does not have any picture gallery which you can download. The payment of the subscriptions has to be carried out using the credit card or debit card payment mode. The customer care service of the site will assist you every time you run into any kind of bottle neck. The transactions are also carried out safely and adequately. In simple words the site is a mixed bag of some great as well as some not so great features.

Models and Videos

Here in all its different pages you will find that there are plenty of sturdy ebony dudes having well built up bodies and sexy abs drilling one another inside mouths as well as ass hole. There are also plenty of videos which you will find blow jobs, cum licked from dicks, fingering, masturbating and etc. These dudes are great in their looks and their brown and shiny skin is all the more alluring when they are going against each other in stimulating fashion. The video quality is good but nothing like the ones which you will find in other sites. They are downloaded in Mp4 as well as MOV formats and they can also be streamed online using the flash player of the site. There are about 5000+ videos which you can enjoy. The site does not comprise of any pictures which is a big dower. These black dudes with their pumped up muscles, their large dicks and their sexy nature would have definitely made splendid wallpapers. After an account here, you will also get access to all the bonus sites, who happen to be stand-alone sites on their own rights, completely within your grasp. You will love your experience despite the flaws.


So after going through all the above information, you probably have gotten an idea about why this site is such a good place to be associated with. The rates are cheap, the videos are arousing and the men who feature in them are top class. The update part is a bit untimely but with whatever they have in their arsenal; you will find an account here to be a good choice.


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