Brief Description

Wassup guys? Do you guys want to relax? How about watch porn and fap? Now how about doing both at the same time? So, at this point let me point you guys to one of the best porn sites ever. It’s so good, you’ll visit this porn site again and again and again, without getting bored! What the hell am I talking about? Without further ado, let me show you guys, HappyTugs! So with its name, you can already hint that it’s a site that’s meant for tugging. What do you tug? The thing you possess, of course! Tug at it and make your cum flow while watching HappyTugs, ‘cuz they’re gonna make you relax and show you porn about having insanely hot sucking and fucking of those big cocks by insanely hot girls in a relaxing room! What’s this relaxing room, exactly? Why, it’s the masseuse’s place! Rub and rub hot oil on the back, get banged afterwards, and catch it all on film! That’s what this little piece of heaven is about!

Site Specifics

Sooo, HappyTugs is a membership site, where you have to register in as a member of the group that manages the site, which is RealityKings. The latter, true to their name, shoots insanely hot videos of insanely hot girls doing sex without the act! How awesome is that? So you get to see reality show type porn at its finest! Once you become a member of RealityKings, you’re gonna have access to all of those sites that are managed by them as well! But nothing beats HappyTugs, even when it’s a pornsite that comes from RealityKings itself! Why? Obviously cuz it’s the best there is! First of all, it has an easy to go through site which makes it less hassle to go and look around in the site. Like, the site has a freakin’ site map! You can see it on the bottom most part of the home page, also it’s named as porn directory. Click it and you get to see all the parts of the porn site.

There’s the Main part, where it’s even more divided into Home which redirects you to the Home page, Videos where it directs you to where you can see all those insanely hot videos, Pornstars where there are actually only the models that they use, not pornstars by their own right cuz they shot only one scene, but hey, they’re still insanely hot, so why not, then finally we have the RK Videos, or RealityKings Videos, where you can see all of the videos from RealityKings! Talk about convenient! The second part of the directory is the Videos, where you get to see some of the videos on the porn site, then finally we have models, categorized into male models and female models and further categorized into alphabetical order. It’s easy to look up what you want to see! The next reason why you would want to be a member specially for HappyTugs is because HappyTugs is a site that values you. Yes, you! It’s got a customer support that helps you. You get to have customer support that’s fast, friendly and confidential! Finally, you’d want to be a member of this site cuz this site has the insanely hot videos and insanely hot girls, which will be discussed in the next portion!

Models and Videos

Right, so as I said, the girls are so fucking hot it’s insane and the videos, the moves that they show in the videos are way too fucking hot it’s ridiculous! To think they’re not actually pornstars but simply amateurs who you’d think would actually be a pornstar! There are some real pornstars here and there, but hey, most of them are actually amateurs! They’re mostly Asians too. They’re there for a purpose, and that is to be banged inside the masseuse’s area! They suck and fuck, fuck and suck, and instead of the ice cream man, they’re sucking guys with big dicks! There’s this portion dedicated to the videos of the site, and they’re categorized into Recent, which shows the most recently added videos to the site; Most Viewed, where you get to see the videos that are arranged based on the number of people who viewed the said video, and then finally the Top Rated, where you can see the videos that members rated highly on.

There’s also a page dedicated to models, where you can see the models, you know, their names, their insanely hot pics, and some of their information once you click on the pics. There’s this girl too that I really love watching. She’s pretty underrated, but that’s fine! Meet Asia Zo, one of the pornstars in HappyTugs! She’s not just so tempting to watch, as if her eyes are charming the snakes right out of yours, making your biggest snake stiff and ready to explode! Like damn! Her moves are right on insanely hot and sexy! You’re really missing so much if you aren’t able to check her out! Then there’s the video quality. This site is pretty good, knowing how to strike the balance between good quality video, and better quality video, though this may come at the expense of the streaming speed. Every video in this site can be at 480p, which you can use if you have crap internet connection at home or wherever you are fapping, and 720p to get the best experience you can possibly get!


Alright guys, let me end it with this. It is simply, hands down, the best website you can ever see. Man, you’re gonna get to see insanely hot girls, even hotter than the oil they apply to their customers, and even hotter moves on their videos! Become a member now! Don’t ever miss this opportunity to see insanely hot girls, insanely hot sex, a really good company, other really good sites that are affiliated to said company, and customer service to make you guys feel at home and comfortable!


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