GF Rampage

GF Rampage

Brief Description

Sexual fantasies are a never-ending endeavor and we are all trying to fulfill our sexual fantasies in every way that we possibly can. All we are trying to do is give our cock the loving that it wants to experience and deserves. As we grow older we still have our fantasies get stuck either with all types of girls especially the newer ones. And as we grow even older all the newer women with their fantastic bodies and their absolute zest for life really fascinate us and we want more of that. But we don’t always get what we want from life. And more often than not we have to make it with what we can get. Porn does become our gateway when it comes to a lot of taboo stuff that we can’t practice freely.

So, we like to watch porn and live out our fantasies. Which is a great thing because we sure love our alone time. Porn that we love is not available so easily, is it? We are looking for porn that not only has the best content but it should also be well scripted and well made. Such porn often looks very fake and feels very monotonous too. So, finding porn, which suits our needs and fancies, is hard. That is precisely where GFRampage comes in. This website gives you the best of gonzo porn and as well as good girlfriend porn. It blends the two so well, that you wouldn’t know what hit you. GFRampage, as the name suggests, bombards you with a crazy number of girls who are so hungry for sex that they are out on a rampage.

This website does not hire real porn stars who we have seen all the time and are bored of. Rather they bring in some fresh, new sluts, who are not very experienced but are very enthusiastic to try anything and everything. They might be a little shy initially but as soon as they get into the mode of getting down and dirty there is no stopping them from giving you the best experience you have ever had. And believe me, even your hand will be unable to resist going down to your already hard cock and touching it. All these girls are new to the porn industry and they want some quick money and to become famous, so you can imagine how earnest and how hard they try to make sure that you feel good. The content on this website is exclusive and massive in volume and completely different from anything that you have ever seen.

Site Specifics

The designers at GFRampage really knew what they were trying to pull off and they have really done a fantastic job making the website look the way it does. The website really makes an impression if you compare it to most of the porn websites out there which are loud and garish. This website maintains some real organizational skills and some real potent designing. The background of the website is very subtle. It’s a dark gray shadow in the background with patterns of shades of light gray and white. The design is good and the website is very organized and user-friendly.

Models and Videos

Let us talk about the part, which really interests us! Let us see what is in store for us through these videos. The girls that the website have managed to procure is truly a sight for sore eyes. They have some of the most fantastic you have probably ever laid your eyes on. They have perky and juicy tits that you would want to boob fuck or sink your face in and suck for a lifetime. And their pussies are so cleanly shaved and pink that all you will want to keep doing is keep pounding into them till you have no cum left in you. These women really know how to use their mouths. You will see them sucking, licking and using their tongues in ways that you could have never even imagined.

And yes, these girls can deep throat and how! They take cocks in their mouth and suck them dry like they are ice lollies and push them so deep inside their throats that you will wonder if they have absolutely no gag reflex. You will see these girls getting pounded, getting double penetrated and even the craziest threesomes. They are ready to fuck in any place, the parking lot, and the elevator, even in their house garage, really, just about anywhere.

The videos on this website are in full high definition and they are well directed. The production value of these videos is high too and does not give you the feeling of homemade porn but still has the real rawness to it. The videos can either be streamed on the embedded flash player on the website or the videos can be downloaded in an mp4 format. There are around 410 videos to be downloaded or streamed. So, you can enjoy the comfort of watching them even when you are offline. There are around 410 photo galleries for you to choose from too. Each photo gallery has over 30 photos. You can download them as zip files. The website keeps updating every day, so you can imagine the amount of stuff that they will keep updating so that you never run out of content to watch.


GFRampage is phenomenal with all the content that they produce. They not only bring you exclusive content with hot girls but they also blend two different genres of porn to make an interesting niche. They bring you wide variety of content and along with that, they even allow you to access different websites like FuckDrive, JizzOnTeens, WantedGfs and DoubleViewCasting with just one subscription! Their videos are compatible with all the devices making it simple to watch the video anywhere and everywhere. Also, they have great rates for subscription that will not make you feel like you spent a ton, and content good enough to make it worth your money. With these perks and qualities, is there really a reason why you would not want to subscribe to this website?


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