Brief Description

GayViolations is an adult entertainment site that offers its members an access to gay porn photos and videos. The scenes found on the website are crazy, funny and in some instances hot. The scenes are basically about crazy pranks and stunts that are pulled on other guys out in public. There are also insane home videos included on the site. It is reality viewing with somewhat of a sexy twist. If you are into sexy insane funny public acts of random sex scenes, then this site is just for you. To access this site with all these funny and original content all that is required of you is your commitment to being a member.

Site Specifics

Taking a trip around the site has been simplified and made easier to use for the members. Certain tools that make navigation the simpler and faster have been included on the site. For instance, at the top is a menu bar with scenes and the guys that are on the site. The site has a good search engine that works really well. One can type what they like on the search and access content from the site. On the homepage, all the clips that have been posted currently appear. The videos are either categorised either as most watched and most recent. All the scenes appear with a title and some details on the cast, the video size and the duration of the video.

Also, there is a good description that also has a sample picture of what to expect in the video clip. To access the viewing page, you click on the link. Together with all these, the site also comes with 12 other bonus sites under the larger Gay Room Network that GayViolations is part of. You should be careful, however while accessing these sites as there are areas that may bill you extra to access them. Read everything carefully.

Models and Videos

The site boasts of all kinds of guys as it is an amateur prank site. However, you will tend to realise that although they say it is amateur, the performer involved in each scene is listed and named unlike in an amateur video. Also, all the videos although amateur have a good production and picture quality; and also, the video formats are all equal across all the videos found on the site. As much as one may have wanted to view amateur videos, I was quite relieved as the quality was much better than in amateur home videos. There are 168 videos on the site although the bonus sites give you access to a whole lot more with the network claiming upwards of 4750 scenes which are subject to confirmation but all in all a good thing.

The videos on GayViolations can be downloaded in three formats, WMV (1250×702), MP4 (950×534), and MPEG (1248×800). Apart from downloading, one can stream them online through an embedded flash player. These are best viewed as MP4s at 950×357. The videos run for different lengths of time and cannot be well specified although most range from between 30 seconds to three minutes. Although the site promises screen grabs or high-quality digital stills, the photos are all screen captures. Better high-quality photos can, however, be accessed in the bonus sites.


The site offers both humour and horny clips under one package. However, the site last updated in January 2012 and is listed as ‘no longer updating’ which means the videos are really old and there is nothing new on the site. The bonus sites are a good addition, though. One should also be careful not to be billed for unnecessary information once on the site. I would recommend the site for the humour but they should update more regularly.


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