Game for Gay

Game for Gay

Brief Description

An entertaining gay porn site featuring a promising set of gay actors, Game for Gay is definitely a site that you should not miss. It sets a new variation to gay porn videos because of the cool and exciting twists that they add in their gay xxx scenes. The videos are also one of the finest quality with a resolution of 1080p.

Site Specifics

Game for Gay is a gay porn site that is simple and easy to understand because of its minimal and straightforward layout. The site is also very generous to give a free tour to everyone. In this free tour, you can watch short clips for free. However, there’s a limit to these videos and in order to watch them in full-length and with no limits, users have to sign up to the site. So, what are the perks of being a member? Site members can enjoy surfing the entire site without restrictions. The photo galleries and the video collection are so massive that you just can’t finish the entire collection with just one sitting. The site also updates regularly which is a good thing because members will always look forward on new contents regularly.

If you want to have an overview of the site, visiting the homepage section is the perfect thing to do. Aside from the photos and the videos, you can also find links to navigate the entire site. You can also find regular updates of the site in the homepage– like the recently uploaded photos and videos. Speaking of which, the photos and videos are also kept in a separate page which is a good idea to avoid an overcrowded page. There are 17 videos in the videos section which lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes.

While there are videos with a resolution of 480×270, you can also find a handful of 1920×1080 videos in the collection. There are also videos which fall somewhere in the middle of these resolutions and that is the 768×432 videos. You can either stream or download these videos. Streaming the videos would require the medium-sized flash player of the site. It is just a basic flash player that has convenient features like allowing users to jump immediately to a certain part in the video. The playback quality is also great and the buffer time will not be more than 10 seconds.

Moving on, if you want to download the videos, you can choose between WMV or MP4 format. To help you decide, here’s the difference between these two file formats. WMV format is the type which is suitable for large monitors like the screen of your personal computer. MP4 format, on the other hand, is suitable for devices like your mobile phones. Another thing that makes this site awesome is the unlimited download perks of the members. Site members can freely enjoy a 24/7 download since unlike other sites, Game for Gay does not have a “per day” restriction when downloading the videos. Aside from these download and streaming options, you can also find helpful details in the videos section.

There’s a short description of the video, a thumbnail picture of the video and some ratings to help users select some pretty good scenes. Most importantly, there is also the link to the photo set of that particular scene. The photos section is where you can find a lot of contents. In fact, one photo set link can fill up an entire page. There are approximately 300 to 400 photos in the collection and good thing the site was able to handle and organize this long array of photos. The photos are available in 1200×800 and professionally shot with good lighting. There are some poses though that are duplicates but it’s okay. You can also expect some bonus videos from the partner sites of Game for Gay. There’s Gay Snare and my BF Gay that offers a new addition to your gay porn videos.

Models and Videos

Game for Gay has a variety of gay porn actors. You can find a mix of average looking guys to extremely good looking guys. There are also some actors who are muscular and have a really good build. Most of these guys have high sex appeal that you surely can’t wait to strip them off their clothes. Since the makers of this porn site is from Czech Republic, the actors are also Czech as well. The main language used in the scenes is Czech most especially when the actors are out in the streets to converse with a random stranger. However, there are some scenes where you can hear the actors speak English but only for a short time. If you don’t speak or understand Czech, you will definitely not understand most of the conversation but I don’t think it’s that much of a problem.

The scene starts with the director handing out papers to the challengers. These pieces of papers contain the challenge that these gay actors have to fulfill. The director explains everything in English for the sake of the non-Czech speaking viewers. Then, the actors start to wander along the streets to find someone to do the challenge with. Some of the challenges involve fucking a bartender, a taxi driver, a construction worker and a traffic officer. The most exciting part is that these gay men must find a straight guy to do the challenge with. I think this is the most challenging yet the highly anticipated part of the videos because it’s definitely going to be difficult to convince a straight guy to have sex with a gay man. Well, not unless if you’re the adventurous type, right?


I was in awe watching all the videos in Game for Gay. The scenes are really different from other gay porn videos that I’ve seen. The challenges make a good twist to add extra flavors to the video. The gay actors are also very sporty to play along. The photos are also not that bad. The resolution is excellent although there are some photos that are repetitive. Overall, the site is a good one to explore gay porn videos.

“The site is no longer updated, but there are a lot more in collection of the best gay porn websites.”


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