Fully Clothed Sex

Fully Clothed Sex

Brief Description

FullyClothedSex was started back in 2003 and it’s one site that is committed towards the promotion of fully clothed sex, considering the fact that there are most definitely a couple of people who happen to be in love with suck kind of sex that involves quickies, blow jobs, hand jobs and all the other fetishes go as well.

The site is very easy to access and navigate, which means that you will be able to spend more time enjoying the videos while relaxing. And on top of that, you will also get the opportunity to enjoy nothing but high-quality material as far as the photos are concerned. And that said you need to ensure that you are in a position to enjoy yourself to the fullest which means finding the videos that you will enjoy and also getting to use the features available for your own personal use in FullyClothedSex. Here is what you need to check out without further ado:

Site Specifics

FullyClothedSex has got nothing but high-quality videos. To ensure that the quality is always top notch, mp4, as well as windows media players, will see to it that you have all of the most exciting videos without having to work too darn hard in the process. These top quality videos are usually made in such a way that you will always get the opportunity to see their duration, their length and on top of everything else, you will have that hot chance of staying ahead of the game at all times and getting to stay true to the purpose, which is to get all of the erotic entertainment that you need.

On FullyClothedSex you can enjoy good video qualities that you fancy. You can also get to rate the videos as much as you like which will put you ahead of the curve at all times which is marvelous indeed. The site also has got advanced but also very convenient searching tools that will go a long way in making sure that you aren’t spending way too much time hustling. And just like it has been stated above, you will have that opportunity to enjoy nothing but top quality videos. And for that matter, always make sure that you are in a position to stay entertained at all times by taking advantage of these features.

Models and Videos

FullyClothedSex, as it has already been stated above, has got very pretty girls who are down for just about anything that will keep them as well as yourself erotically entertained at all times. And that said, the only other thing that you will be required to do at this point is making sure that you select those girls looking sexy in satin shirts and easy to remove panties and get to see them getting fucked in the most entertaining sexual encounters that you will ever get the opportunity of seeing.

These horny, fully clothed girls are in a position to suck dicks and even get the chance to swallow the warm, slippery semen all over and you most definitely will get that opportunity to enjoy yourself to the fullest. They also do have different body types and that said, you will get the chance to select the ones that you so happen to fancy and once that has been done and you will be free to do as you please at the end of it all. And it also goes without saying that the quality of the videos is always top notch. In total, you will find about 427 scenes with each scene having an average minimum duration of about 25 minutes which is more or less impressive. And that said, you will almost always be in a position to stay focused at all times and get to enjoy.

Apart from videos, you will also gain access to about 427 high-resolution photo galleries. And in this case, each gallery will have about 125 pictures altogether. And as if that’s not all the goodies, these photos have been made available in zip file format that will only allow you the opportunity to download any bulk FullyClothedSex photos at once. And that said, the only thing that you will be required to do is finding that one photo gallery that you like and get down to downloading as soon as possible.


FullyClothedSex is one exciting and entertaining site that you need to be checking out at any given moment if at all you are all about trying out different fetishes. And once you do so, you will get that one opportunity to kick back and get to enjoy watching all of the clothed action going down to the point that you will always feel privileged to stay on top of your game at all times which is an added advantage altogether. I also enjoyed just how convenient the site was and that said, you will almost always get that opportunity to easily navigate your way through the site without trying too darn hard.

Another thing that I also enjoyed very much was the fact that all of the content can be downloaded in three quality options, giving the users plenty of options which are actually the hallmark of a top notch porn site. And on top of everything else, the kind of material that you can end up finding on FullyClothedSex is always on point and that said, you will always get entertained to the fullest and it is for that matter that I confidently recommend this site without even flinching.


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