Frat Fest

Frat Fest

Brief Description

Did you ever stop to consider what kind of amazing stuff happens at frat houses? Surely you have, though you would be surprised that it is not what you see in those random Hollywood movies, that they just talk about girls and get drunk. No, these guys love to stick it to one another, and to have themselves a merry good gay time. Well, at fratfest, you get to see real life gay amateur action, videos and photos submitted by users worldwide.

Site Specifics

What I loved about this site, apart from its great content is the design. The design in question is very simplistic, yet very captivating. The logo of the site is surrounded by a rainbow of colors, making it very clear what you are to find among its pages. Another thing is the crossed out condom, meaning that no such things will be used in the videos. On the top side, next to the two mentioned things are a group of guys, with their pants down, their asses turned towards the viewers, and on those asses, written is the name of the site, frat fest, a letter on each ass. The site has many cool features, like sorting options in the members’ area, and a search bar, which you gain access to upon joining for a very small fee. Besides some other perks which I will address later, the site is lag free, and you can browse it from any device, be it desktop or mobile, as it is optimized nicely.

Models and Videos

When it comes to the guys, there is no replacement, as they are every bit as horny as they are different. Since these are user submitted videos we are talking about, you could get to see all kinds of content. The videos are of a different quality of resolution, depending on the person who filmed them, meaning that according to what the person who submitted the video at the time had as the filming device, you would get different quality. From full HD to low-resolution videos, there are only two things that they have in common. They have horny guys ready to fuck, and they are great to watch, regardless of the pixels that might be seen. That being said, the guys themselves are very different, in both looks and in nature. You have your burly men, strong and big, ripped to the max, and your skinny dudes, more feminine than manly, and your average dudes, normal height and weight, expect for a huge appetite for cocks. The dudes to tend to eat one another, each other’s cum, and take large dicks up their asses. Well, some like it to be more intimate, while others have no problem getting really hardcore and calling on a lot of friends. Gay orgies are really a common thing in frat houses. Though, once you join, you would be able to download all the videos and pictures, and start your own porn collection. That being said, the site offers more perks, that is, access to 20 or more sites, which are all updated daily, all of that, for the price of this one site, a price that is very much affordable.


Once you get onto the gay train, there is no coming back, and you would not even want to go back, that much is certain. At fratfest, you could hop onto a train which will indeed have gay videos and photos, of amateur dudes, from all around the world, which you will be able to download, but it will also lead to the land of 20 more porn sites, all boasting with different content, all updated regularly. That is one ride you should not miss.


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