Brief Description

The FootsieBabes is a porn site exclusively dedicated to those who are into feet fetishes. In a way, it is similar to that of any typical hardcore porn movies. It gets to focus on videos and photos that would focus heavily on the feet. The sex here may also be as hot and titillating. But in FootsieBabes, the sex part is the bonus of this site. You will enjoy heavily here more on the section of the women’s feet as it is considered to be the cream of the crop in this site. However, there is one main difference in this site that sets it apart from the rest. Usually from the other sites, the content may be found to be too mainstream. Thus, it is considered to be very predictable and highly conventional. However, if you would take time and check the site, you would realize that there is more to it than just main fucking.

FootsieBabes is keen only on providing and focusing on foot fetish which is quite a treat for those who gets turned on with a foot fetish. The site is being updated on a weekly basis, so you would be able to enjoy new and hot videos and photos week after week.

Site Specifics

Once you get access in this site, you will be able to enjoy a good number of HD movies. These are high-quality movies which you are able to view not only on your computers. You are also able to watch them on your mobile devices as well. When it comes to the layout of the site, it has a great and easy interface. However, there are some limitations to the functions offered throughout the layout of this site. For instance, an advanced search feature is lacking on this site so you may not be able to right away search for your favorite porn artist or your favorite porn video. But, you can rely on tagging keywords so you would be able to save your favorites on this site.

The reason why FootsieBabes is very relevant in terms of its niche is because of the very nature of this site which primarily focuses on foot fetish. See, if you really are one of those people who are considered to be an authentic foot fetish, you would find out that hardcore sex action doesn’t actually give you the boner. Instead, anything that would involve the erotic interaction of the feet should give make your dick hard. FootsieBabes understands that because it has a foot fetish niche, it solely focuses on keeping its members and viewers to be instantly turned on the presence of the dainty and provocative feet. Most people find it sexy and stimulating to touch, lick, or suck feet. So, the site gives you exactly that. The sex, the hardcore fucking, and all that jazz is just but a bonus on this site.

There is a total of 496 galleries here on the site containing the hottest and the most scintillating photos of attractive porn models. When you join in the site, you are also given free access to a number of good porn sites as well. In fact, there are some parts of the bonus sites which give you a mix of the best foot fetish scenes combined with other sexual crazed acts that will instantly give you a boner.

Models and Videos

Almost all the girls in the site FootsieBabes are authentic and pure porn stars. They are usually featured right away in their nudity so you can see them in all their naked and raw beauty. While there is some kissing, moaning and fucking involved all throughout, you would notice that the entirely of the video focuses more on close-up in their foot portion allowing maximum pleasure to be attained by the foot lovers around the world. The sluts on the site are very much keen on wearing sexy heels or straps in order to highlight the sexiness of their feet.

You will see these hot chicks wearing provocative shoes, high heeled sandals, and stilettos. In some cases, you would also see them in just simply bare feet. Their feet are usually oiled and lubed properly with oil or lotion appearing to be very shiny, soft and very tempting to touch. To cite a video in this site FootsieBabes, a girl shows off her cute tootsies to her partner who is very much eager to suck and lick it right away. The girl looks at her partner in eager moaning as well. The guy who is very hot in sexual anticipation just couldn’t wait any longer and right away, shoves the point of her dainty feet around the hard dick. It was only a few moments until the guy releases it and covers the feet with his cum.


Indeed, there are a lot of promises that hold for this great site FootsieBabes. To sum it up, the FootsieBabes is a hardcore porn site exclusively dedicated for foot fetishists around the world. The site is further dedicated to providing their members and the viewers with the utmost satisfaction of their unanswered sex dream and that is to do whatever that they have been wanting to do for a woman’s foot. And it can satisfy your feet pleasures. There are a lot of women here who find it equally arousing to have their feet sniffed, worshiped and even strapped. There are some great angle shots and instances in which the actual feet get in contact with the penis.

In most unnatural of cases, the feet get inside a body orifice and you just can’t imagine how such orifice is able to accommodate or practically swallow it. It is a big turn on for men who loves that kind of kinky sex. When you join in this site, you will enjoy a number of good updates not only on this site. In fact, you may also enjoy updates from other related sites as well. There are some great and hot models and the best photos all found here.


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