Footdom Videos

Footdom Videos

Brief Description

Foot Dom Videos is a niche site that shows foot fetish and feet worship. Part of the Fetish Network, it’s one of the best places to start your exploration of weird fetish videos.

Site Specifics

As a niche site, Foot Dom Videos doesn’t hide what it showcases. The design is ok and content, generally, well-organized. Navigating the site is as simple as clicking the menu items. From the main menu, you can go straight to network sites or scroll down to view some of the featured videos. I wish they could add a model index just to allows folks to glean information about models quickly. Supported features include a blog, custom videos and live feeds. Being a premium site, you have to pay for a membership plan to access the content. Though you will have to login with your password here, login credentials won’t be required for network sites.

Just like other sites in the Fetish Network, Foot Dom Videos allows members to rate videos and creates a favorites list. Scenes come with HQ screen caps. Views and ratings are indicated allowing you to see which videos have garnered the most attention. Streaming is supported via both medium and large flash players. You can jump videos immediately. There’s a mix of high and average quality videos. When streaming in-browser, expect at least 3 seconds buffering.

Models and Videos

At Foot Dom Videos, there is a mix of models. Models are sexy and delightful to watch. Some straight while others with lesbian tendencies. Most of them are amateurs with body types than range from average to curvy. I am not sure of how many they are but I believe upwards of 40. So don’t hesitate to check out your favorite type of girls.

Action revolves around the toes and feet. There’s a lot of licking and foot worship. Typical scenes show men lying down while girls tease and arouse them with their feet. From one scene to another, you’ll watch them use their shapely legs and suckable toes for fun. The same scenario unfolds in girl-girl scenes.

As of now, I believe there are about 70+ scenes. Video quality varies on this site. So expect a mix of high quality and average quality videos, especially the older ones. Typical videos run for approximately 15 minutes. Download formats include .mp4, .wmv, and .m4v. For those who love streaming, you can do so in-browser at 4000k, 1068×600 on your PC or tablet. Expect lower specs for older movie scenes. Mobile formats are equally available. Photos accompany videos. There are more than 65 galleries at the moment. Each carries varying numbers of photos. For now, you can only view photos not download them as zip.

Membership is a bargain. You can choose the monthly or annual plan, both of which are recurring. And for the price of one, you will get access to all the videos plus 50 sites under the Fetish Network. A massive collection of 3,500 videos and 1.5 million photos. That’s a sweet deal and one that gives you a chance to indulge your fetish cravings to its fullest. Content is advertised as being 100% exclusive. And the icing on the cake is that, you can download or stream videos 24/7 without limitations.


Foot Dom Videos shows women rubbing, stroking, licking, and sucking toes and feet for pleasure. More than 60 scenes of the best foot worship and fetishes await you. Membership gives you exclusive access to kinky videos plus 40 sites under the Fetish Network. For its crazy foot fetish and flexible plans, Foot Dom Fetish is a site worth checking out.


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