Femme Fatale Films

Femme Fatale Films

Brief Description

Femme Fatale Films entails some really breath-taking sensation. On the other side, I can say it houses anguish sensations. This site features a rare niche in the adult amusement world. Female domination is the talk of the day here. Since they rolled out about five years ago, they have been uploading original and exclusive movies only. Read on to know what precisely it says.

Site Specifics

Have you viewed a movie on a true black display before? I bet you must have loved the encounter. The screen is easy on your eyes as well on the brain. That said, this is the exact experience you have here on Femme Fatale Films. Their color screen is amazing, and you will concentrate more on the action in here instead of the platforms’ décor. The steaming as well as the downloading speeds are spot on. Videos to watch online loaded immediately, actually I thought I was watching videos from my hard disk. The inbuilt flash player is design to handle clips meant for high end devices, although it is also compatible with low and medium range devices. The images can be view on the browser, or even downloaded for offline viewing. The saved pics can be used for screensaver or the wallpapers. And Oh! You can save a n entire gallery in a zip file. Additionally, the website is tweaked for mobile phones like iPhones, iPads, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows, and Android gadgets.

Models and Videos

What do you understand by femme fatale? It is actually an architype, which has its history in the archaic ages, though it is nowadays a prevalent niche on various femdom platforms. The theme is of a mystifying woman who traps lads into insecure affairs where they take charge and enslave them. It is vivid that Femme Fatale Films derived its name from femdom. That is exactly what you get to see in here, female domination acts. The site entails hot dominas who comprehend how to enslave and command their men, just to derive pleasure and for audience viewing. Locating your way here is truly a stroke of luck. It the ideal space for female domination aficionados. What goes on in here is all hardcore with scenarios containing content from various genres including dick and balls smacking, spitting, feet worships, butt spanking, and hardcore torment. The collaborators have assembled the kind of femdom clips that you have at all times wished all in one platform. I did find an eye-catching anthology on Femme Fatale Films adding up to an amazing 350 plus films mark. Each film is accompanied by an image gallery. Could you ever ask more than this? Videos have an average of 20 minutes’ playtime and features is recurrent crew of lasses who dish out their powerfulness on helpless lads. There is this movie that really moved me. It featured an angry female employer summoning her loyal male employee and smacks his balls for poor performance at the workplace. The boss makes him go in fours, that is on both hands and knees. She then compels the slave to kiss her toes. Moving forward, she makes him stand on his feet and slaps him hard on his face, then, releases torrents of slander. Poor dude, but at least he is earning a living in this jobless world. That is a stroke of luck on the good side. Counting on the decent material on Femme Fatale Films, there is so much love regarding the site.


This novel platform essentially is huge and amazing in almost every means. The verity that is at this time updating regularly, is a predominantly outstanding starting point, if I am not wrong. The demonstration is irrefutably superb, taking into consideration the quality of material, professionalism, as well as presence of female dominas definitely renders this community a masterpiece.


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