Fake Shooting

Fake Shooting

Brief Description

Fake Shooting has been around for some time now. The primary niche of the site is reality porn while the secondary niches are amateur girls and hardcore sex. In the world we are living in, most girls want to become world known models, and they would do anything to accomplish this goal. As a result, many agencies are going around coercing girls into going for interviews that are not real. They are promised to walk the big shows in Hollywood and the United Kingdom. Which girl would decline such an offer?

However, they have to act and shoot porn to get these modeling gigs. At the end of the day, they do not even get the modeling jobs. The site has come up with a good and unique niche that has not been ventured by many porn industries, and as a result, it will totally entertain you. This is because the content that you found on this site is not the daily norm that you are used.

Site Specifics

The site has availed several membership plans for the members. You can choose to pay monthly, there is also a three months program, and lastly, you can choose the annual plan. It all depends on your preferences. You also get to access six sites just for a fee of you. Some of the bonus sites that you will access are My First Public, POV Bitch, TeenyPlayground, Shoot Ourselves and Melone Challenge. The bonus sites give you access to more videos and images. You get to have content from different genres just for the payment of a single site.

The homepage has a similar look to the member’s page. There is the use of the same colors and design. The site has a modern design and layout. The homepage and the member’s area are neatly organized. There are no adverts or banners. I love this because you cannot confuse the thumbnails with the advert banners. Also, members can be able to comment and rate the videos and the images. The site is very straightforward and easy to navigate through. The tools available on the site make it easier to browse through.

Models and Videos

When I accessed Fake Shooting, it had 70 plus videos. Each video runs for approximately 3 minutes. You can be able to access the videos in several formats. You can access the videos in an MP4 (mp4, m4v), 876×480. This version can be used to watch the videos online in an embedded Flash. You can stream the videos anytime you want to as long as you have a good internet connection. Also, you can be able to download the videos in an MP4 (mp4, m4v), 8000+, 1920×1080 format.

Both the downloading and streaming options will give you access to the high-quality material. This is because the videos are shot using high-quality cameras with high resolution. The site does not have a download limit, and you can be able to access as many videos as you please per day. The material is also very exclusive and can only be found on this site. Most of the porn sites around use porn videos and images from other sites. Giving you material that is not exclusive but that is not the case at Fake Shooting.


Fake Shooting has not been around for long, but it is giving the already existing sites a run for their money. The site has good quality material. It is also mobile friendly, and you can be able to stream and download this content at any time that you please. Sign up on this mega site, and you will not be disappointed.


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