Double View Casting

Double View Casting

Brief Description

Ever wish that you could switch to a better angle? Double View Casting sells itself with the feature of allowing viewers to change between two different views of a scene with just the click of a mouse button. The site is all about amateurs seeking to make it into the big time, so this isn’t about the big names, but the fresh talent.

Site Specifics

The site has a content-centric layout, focusing on showing the videos it has to offer and the models that feature in them. There are 3 main pages: Home, Scenes and Models, as well as two additional pages for those interested in signing-up or are already members. The top of each page features a selection of 5 introductory videos from different models, but in addition to these, each scene you access on the site has a 1-2 minute teaser to let you know what you’re in for. I enjoyed the design of the site as it was simple and clear. The site uses a combination of mostly grey, white and orange for easy contrast. The navigation through the pages is easy and you can see clearly the purpose of each page. The standard version of the site works on mobile devices, but only for browsing. Using Google Chrome I receive an error about incompatible plugins and unable to play any videos. There may be a way around this, but at the minute it seems that the site is not mobile friendly. The ability to navigate into the category for a specific model is a nice addition to the site, so if you develop a favorite you will be able to check out all the scenes they have available on that site.

Models and Videos

Girls on the site are all amateurs, generally very tiny and cute. The lack of experience in some is very telling, but they do make up for it with fire and talent. They are also greatly assisted by the direction and production of the videos, which seems professional, and with the added feature of being able to switch to another camera angle during the middle of a scene this makes it a more interactive experience. This generally lets you switch between a wide angle and a POV shot, letting you get to grips with the scene and have much more appreciation for what’s going on. There is a wide variety of girls on the site, many of them Eastern European or Russian. The main focus of the site so far is anal, as they are using First Anal Quest in their branding/theme. This may just be a case of bringing the Double View feature to one line of videos before rolling out to others. As well as anal there are the POV and hardcore, but seemingly all of it is guy on girl. The videos are all shot in HD and there are multiple formats available for each video, depending on your payback device or view preference. Each scene also has an accompanying photo shoot which mostly consists of stills from the video but some also look like they have additional staged photographs. At this moment the site professes to have 417 scenes for 279 girls, totaling around 400 GB of video. Scenes have an average length of 30 minutes. Membership plans are available for 1 month or 3 month periods and include access to 4 other sites that are part of the same network.


Double View Casting provides a fresh feature to the porn industry and a unique selling point for their brand. Being able to see a scene from different perspectives opens them up to more customers as they are more likely to find the angle that does it for them. Overall the benefits, quality of the girls and design of the site make it worth the visit.


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