Czech Harem

Czech Harem

Brief Description

How would you feel if you find yourself in a room filled with 20+ seductive Czech chicks waiting naked and that too all sexually charged up? Well the feeling is indescribable. The lads of Czech Harem know that exact feeling. They have content of that same thing, where in a room there are probably more than a dozen chicks and that too in their birth attires waiting to feast upon one guy’s dick. The site is mainly an orgy genred portal but the action is a bit different than the conventional gang bang action which you will come across. This dude is living his dream or fucking not just three or four but a dozen or more of hot chicks in the way he feels like. These chicks are also quite supportive and actively engage with him in fulfillment of his as well as their sexual cravings. The site is fairly in its diapers with its number of videos only about 14-15. Add to that there are no picture galleries which you can watch. However whatever they have, they are stunning in its every aspect and is sure to fulfill all your titillation needs. The site is a part of the Czech Av Network which is one of the primary porn providers in the industry. It is RTA certified and conducts its business abiding all the laws of the concerned land. The dude will be seen using his dick to fuck ladies one by one and also using his tongue as well as fingers to arouse a couple more. As the regular stuff takes place, the rest of the girls also seem to be having a gala time with one another. They will sexually touch each other’s bodies, smooch as well as bit lips, squirt emphatically and make use of their fingers to explore other pussies as well as ass holes. They will also be playing around with aroused and pointy nipples as well as sucking their fingers to celebrate the best form of pleasure known to them. The girls in the action are erotic in every sense of the word. You will find a fine cluster of chicks who this lucky stud fucks as much as he wants. From big breasted to curvy chicks, from tender aged girls to ones having bodacious figures, the list goes on! One also has to praise the work done by the folks who have shot the videos. It is always not easy to capture each and every thing and that too so exceptionally, but they have managed to do this tough task superbly. The scenes are clearly visible as well as audible and even though some of the girls do go out of focus, generally speaking, the videos deserve a score of 9 out of 10. One of the biggest reasons for its fame is that setting up an account here means a direct access to all the 20+ different sites existing in the Czech Av Network. Some of the sites which you will get access to after becoming one of its affiliates are Czech Lesbians, Czech Streets, Czech Sharking, Czech gang bang, Czech Amateurs, Czech First video and many more. This site is quite good in terms of its additions and hence become acquiring affiliation means plenty of erotic hours to enjoy. Let us now discuss other important elements of the site namely the responsiveness of the site with mobile OS, the background and the navigation. So keep on reading the remaining portion of this review

Site Specifics

There are plenty of things which you will love when you enter the home page. All the recent updates are presented in proper fashion and all you have to do is click on it to make it run. The navigation is smooth and you will find all the essential menus displayed at the head of the home page. There is a free tour which the site gives you and using that to your benefit, you will come to know about what the keyboard is about. The download speed as well as the streaming speed is also quite impressive and using to that to your benefit, you will be able to watch as well as stream as many videos as you want. The responsiveness of the site is also superb and because of that you will be able to watch your videos as well as log into your account with the help of your smart phones. The necessary step however is to set up an account first as only then will you be able to enjoy all the videos in superb fashion. The steps are fairly simple and all you have to do is click on the sign up option and enter some of your personal details such as your name, email address as well as select a username and a password. The subscription packages will also be present there and by choosing the one which appeals to your pockets, just send out the request. A positive confirmation will confirm your affiliation. The payment is to be carried out with credit card as well as cheque. The site also gives you with a customer care aid desk to sort out all your payment as well as account queries. The site does not involve any malware activities and also the videos are virus free. The updates also constantly keep flowing in and this is not just meant for this site but for the additional ones also.

Models and Videos

You will get to see orgy in a completely new form. The girls are stunning, every single one of them and they are all horny and dick cravers. They get fucked by the only guy in the video and while he occupied by three of four of them, the others also seem to spice things up by engaging erotically with one another. The videos are downloaded in MP4, WMV as well as MOV formats and the resolution which is followed is 1280x720p HD. They are also streamed online with the flash media player of the site. There are no pictures though to enjoy and that is a real shame and they would definitely made way as superb wall papers.


As a final say, Czech Harem is a wonderful place if you love a pool of bodies moving together and enjoying the warmth and flesh of one another. The site is now new in the realm but the promises which they make and that way they are fulfilling it, given some time, it will soon transpire to become one of the most renowned sites in the real.


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