Brief Description

Today we are going to be talking about Cum Bang, a website dedicated to interracial bukkake fetish gang bangs, where usually one very attractive black woman seduces and fucks a large number of white men, sometimes as many as twelve at a time.

Site Specifics

Immediately upon entering the website the user is greeted with the familiar sight of an age verifying page, where the user needs to confirm the fact that they are over the majority age for accessing adult content. Once the user has verified his or her age, they can the access to the entire website and browse through the videos and pictures on offer. The first thing you see on the website is a brief video sample of the latest file that was uploaded on the site, after which there is a series of thumbnail images with stills of the other videos available on the site. In addition to full access to the site and the option to download all the content on the site for later viewing, members have access to all the other connected websites, around 23 in total, that are part of the Dog Fart Network, as is Cum Bang.

The site has proven to be remarkably easy to use and very intuitive, with a very user-friendly interface that keeps everything very simple and basic, so no need to worry if you are not the savviest of internet users because the Cum Bang website will not prove to be a challenge. The theme of the website has a very basic black background that makes the images really stand out elegantly and makes all the details very visible.

Cum Bang also has a mobile version of the site which makes it very easy to use on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, but more importantly, which makes it ideal for people who are on the go.

Models and Videos

As already specified, this is a highly specialized website, that only deals with a very particular niche, so do not expect to see any other kinds of videos except those featuring a very attractive, slim, beautiful black woman with a great body engaging in hardcore sex with about a dozen or so well hung white men. Cum Bang falls under the category of a hardcore website, however compared to other websites, the content is not too hardcore, in the sense that there is nothing too harsh, but still of great quality.

All the videos start from the same basic idea, namely hell hath no fury like a BLACK woman scorned, and the best way to get back at the black man that slighted her is to have sex with a dozen “rednecks” (the men usually wear sleeveless shirts with the Southern flag printed on them) and then let them gaze her ebony face with sticky white cum. All the videos on the site are available for download to all members, as is the case with all the other websites in the Dog Fart Network, and the videos come in either MP4 for streaming or MP4 and WMV formats for downloading.

There are a number of around 80 videos, each about 25 minutes long, and each having an accompanying gallery of images that can also be downloaded in Zip format at a resolution of 3000×2000 which means they will look very well even on a little screen.


We highly recommend Cum Bang to all porn enthusiasts with a taste for interracial porn, as you will find great quality content that will definitely satisfy your need for interracial bukkake gang bangs. This is definitely a place you should check out.


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