Cum Blast City

Cum Blast City

Brief Description

There is nothing like an orgasm to get you going, likewise, there is nothing like a blast of cum to end a porn video. So what if you get to see a blast of cum at the end of every video? If that is what you want, then by all means, head on over to a site called Cum Blast City, and that is exactly what you will find, among other things. There are many surprises in store, all for the new and loyal members.

Site Specifics

With a site like this one, you can only expect greatness, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has a very good design, one that you will most certainly like, no matter what your preferences are. There is a brick like banner at the top of the page, the bricks are colored black. On it, you will find the logo of the site, and many girls, girls that are covered in cum, or about to be, or just looking sexy. Below, there are many other previews, placed against a purple background, and you can use those previews to get to know the site’s content better. Along with the captions written below each video, and the duration time, you already know what is to happen, without even opening the videos, without even joining. But, for those who do join, there are sorting options in store, and the search bar, everything to make that browsing experience pleasurable. Likewise, this site, which not only has sorted content, also has no lag, at all. Opening many pages at once is no problem at all, and neither is opening many videos. What is more, the site works great on all the mobile devices, really showing off that optimization. You can take your porn wherever you go.

Models and Videos

But, it is not just the technical details that make the site great, as there are many other things to see here, and to enjoy. You have the girls, for example, who are really cute, and have very hot bodies. Those bodies, apart from being incredibly hot, can also be the source of much pleasure, either by just looking at them, or by looking at them perform. Now, each girl here gets her dude to an orgasm, and trust me, they are really explosive. Some of them get that facial while others just get sprayed with cum all over their boobs or asses, or wherever the dick is pointed at that moment. With a name like Cum Blast City, you would expect that and they do indeed make our expectations come true, and more, with their lust for sex. The guys’ dicks are huge, and they are full of cum, which the girls love, so sometimes, you do get to see those threesomes, and a lot of cum swapping. Add to that experience the high quality of the videos, and you can already see more than you would have expected at first. The videos, updated regularly, are numerous and last for at least 15 minutes. There are more than 9 sites in store for you, to explore, all with different content, all of which you can download, as well as the content from this site, so that porn collection will get a lot bigger.


Cum Blast City, with a name like that, you know that there is great porn in store for you. Joining is a simple process that takes almost nothing of your time and likewise for the money, especially when you have in mind all the perks that you get as a member. Join this community of cum spraying and you will not regret it.


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