Brief Description

Live cam shows are obviously very specialized markets that cater to particular individuals instead of watching pre-recorded edited and scripted porn prefer to see a live performance where there are no rules except the ones set out by the people who are actually watching and participating in the shows and who give directions to the model.

Site Specifics

As soon as you enter the Classy Cams website you are pleasantly confronted with a large banner that advertises the site as “Classy, flirty, free, the ultimate live webcam girl site” as well as the other images on the site. They are all glossy, high definition and great quality. The background of the site is bright white with colorful accents and details that give the overall website a very cheerful and playful look, which is a great feature on this type of website because you want to have the impression that everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. As you scroll down past the banner you can then see the main page, with thumbnail images with each of the girls registered on the site as well as their names. If you then click on the images, it takes you to each individual girl’s fan page, in a way, a part of the site that is dedicated exclusively to her and her shows, where you can find images as well as sample videos from her shows. The website is optimized for mobile use so if you are ever on the road or away from home and you get bored or lonely you can always watch the live shows from a phone or tablet. It is obvious that there was a lot of thought that went into the designing and development of this website, which is something to be expected when considering that it is developed by the same great people who also developed Cam With Her, Live Goddess, IC Girls and other great sites.

Models and Videos

As already mentioned, there are 3 ways of watching the videos so depending on what mode you are going for that has a lot of impact on what is going on in the show you are watching, but usually, there is a theme or a design behind the shows. Additionally, each girl has a different type of personality and style, so you can pick what you want to watch based on that. There are girls that are sporty, glamorous, dominating etc and there are also girls that are skinny, curvy, athletic, etc, so there is a lot of great variety. When you access a show or a set you can then choose how you want to watch the set per se. you have the option of going for voyeur mode, where you can only sit back, relax and watch the show without having any input or being able to interact with the model or send her messages, or if you don’t like that, you can go for either private chat or VIP. The difference between the two is the fact that with private mode you are interacting with the girl alongside all the other people who are watching in private mode, so you are actually competing for her attention, whereas in VIP mode, it is just you and her and she is there for you exclusively, with no other people watching or interacting with her during the show. Similarly, you can also download videos and images from the sets if you go to the Zip store, where you can conveniently download pre-archived content, however, none of these are included in the membership, so you have to purchase them separately.


Classy Cams is definitely the place to go for great quality live performances brought to you by gorgeous girls with impressive portfolios and skills. It is a great website for people who enjoy quality content that will always keep you entertained and stimulated.


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