Channel 69 VIP

Channel 69 VIP

Brief Description

The large varied collection of niche porn sites under Channel69VIP will give you the best of ebony beauties, MILFS, transsexuals, toy play and a lot more excitement. As an exclusive network, Channel69VIP gives you all pass to enjoy the best of what its porn world has to offer. Signing up for this network of sites means gaining access to all the websites that come with this website. Imagine all of your favorite moments systematically collected together and hosted in one platform. It does not get any better than this! Featuring the best of original hardcore, you will be delighted about your experience on this site. Although Channel69VIP is an amateur collection of sites, the content quality is nothing less than professional. As membership is how these sites make their money, you will be treated to high exclusivity. Just as the name of the site suggests, it is a VIP experience. It does not matter what fetish you are obsessed with, you will find everything here. Everything has been stretched beyond limits. Getting complete access to all the network’s original websites is not all that should be looked forward to on this platform. There is also the exciting aspect of weekly updates and images that capture the best of your imagination is more than enough to motivate you and get you started. Your interest will be piqued by the high quality content that will meet you at your point of desire. The network goes bold and generally taps into niches that are not on the porn mainstream. Members can enjoy the massive archive of movie that comes with the combination of the entire network’s site. Eager to show you all of their best assets, the amateurs on Channel69VIP are excited to welcome you into this world of pleasure. Let’s take a sneak peak to see what the site is all about.

Site Specifics

Beautifully and simply laid out, the pages on Channel69VIP are perfect as they are. All the sites have more or less the same navigational features. When you become a member, the links are your lifeline to entertainment. They interconnect one site with another and only grants you access by username and password. Logging into the members’ area is the best surprise especially because nudity and great navigation will grace your eyes. There are no complications to getting around; you can end up on the corner you desire with just a simple click. The need to use your password constantly may be a little inconveniencing but once you get used to it, the process will be quite simple. The videos can be enjoyed in download or stream. Depending on the broadband quality, you can watch at any speed and clarity that you desire. Obviously, the quality differs from one site to the next. There is a lacking order of updates because the dates are not tagged with the videos. Therefore, you will not be able to know what’s new and what’s old on the site. The image galleries are also a wonderful addition to Channel69VIP. With 25 to 80 images per scene, the videos can be enjoyed as full-length clips or as slideshows. The sub-par sound quality does not fail to manifest itself throughout the scenes. The amateur models on the site make up a great deal of what you see here. The homepage showcases them getting kinky wherever there is an opportunity.

Models and Videos

Watching these models in action will make you realize that sexual desire does not get old. Whether fresh faces or Milfs; all of them have a common desire for satisfaction. They indulge in interracial sexual encounters cum-swallowing venture and facial cumshots that are hard to forget. The site filled with bushy and bald pussies alike. The models on Channel69VIP can handle anything that is thrown at them including monstrous looking cocks that may seem too large for their tight and loose pussies alike. After a couple of years in the industry, it is evident that MILF’s are not as tight as they used to be. Most if the models are top and bottom heavy; without forgetting a rear view that is sexy and unlike any other that you have commonly seen before on other pleasure sites. Although these models do their best to bring you entertainment, they do not forget that they are the center of attention. They are all about pumping heavy iron and aren’t afraid to go on top. There is no tidiness here; with plenty of videos to watch, you will be spoilt for choice on which favorite to pick. The plethora of beauties is generally found across all the sub-sites that Channel69VIP is made of are excited to get the kind of fucking that they have waited all their lives for. There are also lesbian fetishes that will take you straight to cloud nine. The mature women going head to head to pleasure their pussies and lick their throbbing clits give an incredible viewing. The varieties of models that the site dishes out are gorgeous in all aspects of the word. With over 2600 scenes and an equal number of galleries that feature them at their best, you will press the reload button quicker than you imagine. Channel69VIP hardly lists the models’ names but they have faces are descriptions that will forever be embedded in your memory. They are generally referred to as sexy Milfs and naughty hotties. You can easily tell the models apart from their varying physical features. With many years of experience, the site has a long track record of satisfying their members over the long haul.


Channel69VIP gives you a good chance to weigh all your sexual options. It goes beyond measure to ensure that each and every porn site under its wing will entertain you to the fullest. Other than this, the network offers solid flow of videos that will change your perception of many genres of porn entertainment. Luckily, it prompts and guides you every step of the way.

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