Brief Description

CFNMCollege is a “clothed females naked males” type content site with a twist. CFNMCollege has a much more original collection of videos where hot chicks keep coming up with new and fun ways to dominate the submissive males and make them their own personal sex slaves, without even bothering to take their clothes off.

Site Specifics

As soon as you enter the CFNMCollege website you are greeted with very inviting high-quality large images taken from the videos featured on the site all on a lovely ombre effect background that transitions from dark red to black. This initial greeting page carries the slogan of the website namely the place of clothed females nude males which clearly is indicative of the theme of the content. In order to enter the full website you have two options namely the preview and join. The first one allows you to have a free tour of the website so as to give you an idea if you want to join this site or not and become a full member and the join feature which allows you to sign up for new membership.

The free preview takes you through a large portion of the site and presents some of the videos. The site promises to update its collection of content on a weekly basis which is very promising for people who get bored of seeing the same content over and over again. The great thing about the tour area of the website and probably the best part of the core area is the fact is that you get a little paragraph with a description of each individual the video that is presented on the page so before you decide to become a member you can get a very good idea of the style of the content that you are getting.

Models and Videos

Currently, the CFNMCollege website has a fairly limited selection of videos, since there are around 30 videos in total on the site, plus an equal number of photo galleries, however, you should not be discouraged by this fact since the quality of these videos is remarkably good. This type of clothed females nude males content is specifically designed for a very limited audience but that should not dissuade you from becoming a member of the CFNMCollege website because what the website lacks in quantity of content is most certainly makes up for in quality of the content.

CFNMCollege, however, is a very specifically seeing the website since all of the content revolves around sexy girls or girls in uniforms. You are absolutely going to love watching big strong masculine-looking males getting put in their place by hot and sexy girls but also by their more mature teachers and being dominated into submission until the girls have had their fun. As far as clothed females and males website go the content present on the CFNMCollege website leans more towards the extremely end of the spectrum since it also features scenes where guys are made to suck each other’s cocks or lick each other’s assholes plus plenty of scenes that feature pegging and anal insertions with either sex toys or other types of objects and a lot of domination. Our particular favorite he is the one where a big muscular gym teacher ends up being dominated by the entire class.


CFNMCollege is the ultimate website to go to fulfill your kinky fantasy of being completely and totally dominated by groups of hot girls and the even teachers who never even bother to take their clothes off until they give you permission to cum.


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