Cash For Sex Tape

Cash For Sex Tape

Brief Description

CashForSexTape is an adult entertainment website that covers original amateur sex tapes videos. Their database holds a few hundred of amateur videos made by people on vacation or at the office. The content is incredibly great considering is an amateur based style of filming. Each video offers an immersive personal experience that only a sex tape can offer.

Site Specifics

The website is a basic white, with blue and red covers that offer some example of fresh amateur videos of people that filmed and uploaded them to CashForSexTape. The idea here is that anyone can be a porn star if they only sell their intimate videos. If you want to see everything posted on the website, then go to member’s options found in the left corner. One day access will give you limited access to online content, thirty days full access to everything found on the main page and three months full access plus additional options to those that want more from their subscription plan.

These options include premium features in order to access four various websites that cover similar topics and styles of sex. Videos are varied when it comes to quality, most of them have a full HD quality or a 720p quality that covers pretty well the overall resolution. Without these features a streaming service wouldn’t cover all the mobile device available. CashForSexTape does offer some incredible support for all mobile devices, thus having a great video quality and a good downloading speed.

Models and Videos

CashForSexTape offers incredible variety because they show all the sex tapes people sell them. These breathtaking videos show some people being natural and quite happy fucking each other behind the hidden camera. For example, the video of Careless amateur fuck near the beach, this awesome content shows a beautiful brunette waiting on the beach and enjoy a warm tan. Both of the protagonists enjoy the comfort of the shower room right before they get some steamy sex on. Cheyenne & Carl have done some amazing videos that should be seen in the right part of the website. This beautiful couple knows a thing or two about great sex positions and oral.

Nastya & Ilya are two people that love to get some sex on from time to time. Thereby their sex tape is made so well that you will want to watch more and more of them getting some fucking on. Moving on to Sasha and her video where she gives one awesome show with her mouth, the style of filming is incredibly well filmed and captures her body from every angle. She wanted to become a female model but now she makes sex tapes with her boyfriend.

We are the luckiest ones because we get to enjoy such beautiful things off our portable devices. After watching a lot of sex tapes on this website is safe to assume that almost all them are incredibly well filmed and made. The thrills come from the prospect that these people do something kinky in an intimate place of their choosing. In a popular video where a couple plays drinking games before they start shagging each other, you can clearly see that it’s all about the mystery that starts from these scenarios.

If you are looking for amateur style videos that show random people filming themselves for the benefit of others and for their enjoyment, then by all means, go for a membership account, it’s worth every buck you put into it. There are things here that aren’t scripted but yet well made and natural, thereby making cash for sex tape the online domain to explore amateur stuff.


CashForSexTape is the place to go for amateur videos and sex tapes. The main focus here is original and unscripted events that mark these amazing sex videos. All the cast are ordinary people that love to make beautiful fucking videos. You can join the community today in order to start enjoying their online content.


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