Captain Stabbin

Captain Stabbin

Brief Description

Nothing beats anal sex, once you actually get into it, and there are only so many good anal sex videos out there. Getting to see the ones you actually prefer is becoming increasingly difficult. Yet, there are still treasure chests out there, like Captain Stabbin, where you end up seeing some of the best anal sex videos, out there, and all the sizzling action takes place aboard a boat, yacht or a similar luxury seaworthy vessel.

Site Specifics

Having an ocean in the background can do a lot to relax a burdened mind. Though the rest of the site, covered in pictures of women, whose asses take up most of the photos, can also help ease the burden of a terrible day. The previews themselves are in a very high resolution, so even in those a bit more pixelated, framed and still versions of the real deal, you are able to see a lot of the action, which would eventually lead you to the members’ area, where the actual photos and videos lie, ready to be viewed by you. Sorted according to a few criteria, the section also having a search bar, and finding your own video becomes really a simple task. Though, seeing all the beautiful women, choosing a couple over the others is a tough one to make. The site does indeed help, as you will not experience any lag once you get there, the pages loading instantly. I have also loved the fact that the site is nicely optimized, and works fine on all mobile devices.

Models and Videos

Yet the girls are the main reason one should even come to the site, them and the sizzling action they are involved in. Whether you prefer girls with black hair, or those with red, there is no problem, since all the hair colors can be found on the site. The girls are amazing, they love hard cocks and wet pussies, and are not afraid the least bit to express their love on camera. Getting onto a yacht, for whatever reason the story needs them to, and they are set on a trip of great pleasure and satisfaction. Starting off by sunbathing, in bikinis, of course, they would either get really hot, and not in a red way, and proceed to suck the guy who invited them onto the boat in the first place, or just get onto each other, having some nice lesbian introductory fun. When the guy arrives, or him and his friend, things tend to get more sizzling, as a threesome or foursome is created, where all of them end up screaming and moaning, and you can see orgasms from every person. The thing that the captains specialize in is anal action, and those videos are the best ones, as the women scream their minds out, and some of them even have squirting orgasms. Yet if the screams and the videos are too hardcore for you, seeing the photos is possible, where the best parts of the sex scenes are captured in high resolution. Joining the site to see all of this content could be done easily, only by pressing a couple of buttons and filling out a simple form, all for a very insignificant fee.


If it is the life of a sailor that you are interested in, especially those parts of that life where the sailors get naked with girls, then you should definitely proceed and visit Captain Stabbin. Without a doubt, seeing the best anal sex videos out there, all on the boats and yachts of hard and huge cocked captains, and you will definitely have an experience that you would not soon forget, one that will have you coming back for more.


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