Burning Angel

Burning Angel

Brief Description

Burning Angel is one of many crowning achievements of Gamma Entertainment, featuring some of the hottest alternative divas on the Internet in some real-time, really hot punk porn. If the top of the list of your vices features girls with brightly colored, choppy hair and tattoos showing off and teasing their taut rocker bodies, this site is for you. The models are absolutely stunning, and present in scenes that cover pretty much the entire spectrum, ranging from POV solo scenes to the classic step-brother/step-sister setup, guaranteed to tickle your emo fancy, whatever that fancy may entail. Burning Angel is most definitely a professional site, with a classy looking layout and only the best of the best when it comes to the stars. Intrusive ads are kept far away from the hungry eyes of its viewers, and you won’t find yourself accidentally clicking into a secondary site while here. One could almost be convinced that they are watching Hollywood’s next hit; that is, until the girls come out to play. Creativity and freedom of expression are a big part of this niche of the porn industry, and Burning Angel displays this principle with flying colors, offering a unique membership experience that won’t leave you disappointed. These membership options span for as long or as short a time period as you desire, but be warned; if you opt for the trial package (a three-day trial), you’ll be left burning for more at the end of the weekend, wishing for just a little bit more. With over 300 gorgeous models, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse selection of hot alternative chicks, and membership allows you access to a whole slew of cleverly named categories, some of the hottest of which being Heavy Metal Pussy Party and Cum On My Tattoo. The site is a constantly evolving cornucopia of the newest trends in underground sex and fashion, and you can stay in the know by following their blogs, which often feature exclusive interviews with the girls that you won’t find anywhere, no matter how inclusive another big name site claims to be.

Site Specifics

True to its message, Burning Angel has a layout as unique as its porn stars; one in which you can browse popular videos, access the blog, and view snapshots of the site’s top rated models all on same scrolling page. No pixelated, grainy thumbnails are to be found here; instead there are crisp, sharp still frames of the world of pleasure you are invited to enter, if only you’ll click the little pink link below. The default setting is HD, but there are tabs to change video quality to match your Internet speed no matter what it is, and even an option to convert to mobile for when you want to take your Burning Angels with you on your way! With menu options like “check out all girls” and all latest videos, the hardest part about making use of this site is knowing where is the best place to begin. You need not worry too much, though, as Burning Angel thought of this well ahead of time, providing you with convenient tabs that allow you to view what those before you rated as top-notch and think you might enjoy. Who hasn’t harbored an occasional fantasy about a neon-haired beauty with a hidden piercing and a distressed pair of fishnet hose? For the past couple of decades, this has been a rising area of the porn industry, and there’s no better place to fulfill your curiosity than Burning Angel. If you’re not fully committed to the pay for play upon first glance, you can get a free one-to-two minute preview of a few of the 55+ pages of porn videos that are found on the site. Did I mention that membership earns you the chance to chat real time with your dream girl during one of the frequently broadcasted live webcam shows? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Models and Videos

The girls of Burning Angel are almost an elite club of sorts, and you’d be hard pressed to find a full length feature of any of them anywhere else but on their home site. Joanna Angel, the star and mastermind behind the Burning Angel empire, is always a favorite, as are recurring stars like Jessie Lee, but don’t be fooled by the implications of some of the girls being lesser known; they’re all extremely hot and engage in sex like seasoned professionals. All of these girls know how to ride, rest assured. Like the girls, many of the scenes are anything but vanilla, but there’s truly something for all of your alternative fantasies, and plenty of video tags to help you sort it all out. There is a whole list of fun categories to give you an idea of what you’re browsing, and plenty of these are the classic one-to-two word explanation that gives it to you straight. Burning Angel incorporates everything from goth to punk to emo, and the girls can be seen doing all of the naughty things your dick can dream up. Seduction seems to be a big niche on this site, and the girls can be seen doing all sorts of sinful things, from dressing up in skimpy nurse outfits and “accidentally” groping their patients, to teasing a stepbrother just enough to bring his cock out to play. These girls are truly beautiful angels, and with six updates per week, this site truly never gets old!


If sexy alternative girls are what get you raring and ready to go, Burning Angel is most definitely for you. The site is tastefully laid out, and delightfully easy to navigate on the quest to your next climax. With many hours of high quality, high heat, professionally produced porn without all the interruptions of ads and unwanted pop-ups, this site fulfills its niche expertly, and is well worth the time. This viewer couldn’t think to ask for anything more!


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