Brief Description

When was the last time you were at a casting call? I am very sure so many things went down but one of those ‘things’ was definitely not getting undressed and spreading your legs wide open for the agent to see what lies underneath your underwear. While you may be upright and moral, not everyone is. In a world where opportunity is the only thing that a girl has, pretty models may hesitantly let their agents be sexually aggressive with them. They carry the hope that once his big cock has gained satisfaction, they will get that call back that they are hoping for. BrutalCastings freely takes you behind the scenes for you to witness all that goes on during porn casting sessions. This is one of the few sites that offer a highly entertaining collection. One thing is for sure, the power of persuasion does not work in these casting offices!

The girls quickly learn that the agent has not called them for a play session. He is staunch, serious and most definitely horny. After sexual encounters with a few girls, you’d think he would stop but that libido keeps rising. It’s not all fun and games, though. The models on the site are restrained and have a big cock shoved into their trachea. As the agent gets his kink on, tears stream down their face. I bet they are thinking why they even showed up for the casting but once you enter the BrutalCastings door, there is no getting out.

While everything sounds captivating beyond imagine, the site has a way of making you feel all of the emotions that the models are feeling. When tears and mascara run down their cheeks, so will they run down yours (unless you are some kind of heartless pervert). But relax! All of it is perfectly choreographed action. I must commend the performers to their acting skills, they surely deserve a standing ovation. Everything about the scenes on the site is captivating. You will be glued to the screen not only because of the BDSM but also because of how the models pull out all the right stops to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your time with them.

BrutalCastings is a fairly new site as it was only established in 2015. Although it has not been in existence for a long time, it has single handily been able to shake up the adult entertainment scenes by being one of the few sites that only deals in highly entertaining action. Forget about quantity, the site is slowly but steadily bringing you a limited number of scenes with the promise of expanding in the future. But do not despair, the FetishNetwork allows you to diversify by giving you full access to all of the network sites. If you need a break from this kind of action, you are free to see what the other sites have in store for you.

BrutalCastings is most definitely not lacking in quality. The scenes on the site are presented in HD version to ensure that all the members of the site have the same level of clarity. With a viewing of 1080pHD, you will never want for more. For an average of 25 minutes, you will have the time of your life with these models. They will ensure that you get in unforgettable orgasm despite the nature of the content in the collection, you will be in for good entertainment at all times. The site embodies excitement and everything in between. Join me in finding out more about it!

Site Specifics

BrutalCastings has an appealing design, with everything on the site being from the present. When it comes to collection, navigating through it is a flawless process because everything has been arranged systematically. The videos are on point and contain all the necessary information such as a lengthy description, models name, and the upload date. The upload schedule is not a consistent one but you will always see new scenes from time to time. BrutalCastings has the same design as that all other FetishNetwork sites have.

Models and Videos

The first thing you will notice about the girls is their uncanny level of shyness. They are aware that they are in a porn star movie casting but the nerves still kick in, as they do for all of us. They try to gather their courage and walk inside the casting rooms with nothing but a brave face on. As they already know that it will be a challenging day a few of them are in the company of their boyfriends but the majority do not need any destructions, so they come alone. It’s kind of to my how the sad seeing the boyfriends overly comfortable with their girlfriends going into this line of work, but then again who are we to judge?

The excitement in their eyes is evident before they walk into the ‘room of horror’. You do not have to look through a magnifying glass to tell that they are gorgeous, it is evident why the casting agent cannot be able to resist the charm of innocence and sexiness that they cast on him at the same time. As soon as they walk into the casting room doors, the action begins. They are asked a series of questions which they fail to answer with dexterity because they suddenly become fearsome. The agent is horny and does not have time to waste, so he decides to break them out of their skills, literally. He grabs them by the hand, undresses them and shoves his cock down their vagina or anal holes. But hold on! This does not happen without preparation through the means of cock sucking. After a few minutes, you can tell that the girls resign themselves to this fate. At the end of the day, they say but do what they have to do for the sake of stardom.


BrutalCastings brings you a new dimension of porn action. You will be able to take a journey with these beautiful faces and tackle all of the naughtiness that the agent brings together with them. Although not porn action is good action but this site is certainly a homerun.


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