Brother Undercover

Brother Undercover

Brief Description

The BrotherUnderCover tells the story of the life of Ace, a well-hung Black lad, who has a thing for White pussy, and he does everything to get a taste of it. In these videos, the girls have to act dumb, and believe that Ace isn’t an actual Black guy, but he has some kind of pigmentation disorder, which makes his skin dark. Well, you have to be dumb as fuck to actually believe it, but the girls act nicely, though we believe that his cock’s size is telling the truth, it’s rare for Caucasian males to have such large and thick cock.

Nevertheless, the story is fun, the guy dresses strangely, but eventually the whole idea is about having some White cunts serving his need. As a porn website, the BrotherUnderCover has been online since 2009, and it received regular updates for one and half a year. Nowadays, the BrotherUnderCover is a discontinued series, but nonetheless, it’s utterly exciting. As you will see, the BrotherUnderCover has only SD scenes, though it’s a fully exclusive hardcore porn collection.

At the time we write this BrotherUnderCover porn site review, we have to note that it runs under the sign of the Porn network, yes, that’s its name, and its domain is the porn-dot-com. If the guys behind the site would get into the mousetrap, they could get out quickly buy selling the domain, and creating a new network with the same content. But, that’s not our concern. So, the site is not alone, and has a whole lot of juicy hardcore porn for you to enjoy, distributed through the Porn network’s websites. In case you are an experienced online porn watcher, you may have seen the site listed under the AllAdultPass, MassiveAccess or the latest network site of the company, the WankZ.

Never mind the networks’ names though, the main thing you have to care about is the great and certainly awesome content you get. There are no limitations regarding downloads, and there are many exclusive series like the BrotherUnderCover, which you can’t find anywhere outside the company’s series of sites. There are several additional extras too, coming in the form of some truly juicy DVDs (about 9,000 titles), along with the discount deals for other networks, live shows and dating site. Also, the company behind the site has a store, where you can order DVDs and sexy accessories and toys.

Site Specifics

On the BrotherUnderCover’s website you will be able to browse through a list of selected scenes. There are no video previews, only photos and descriptions, but we believe this tour is quite enough. If you give in to the urge to join the site, you are going to see a simple, yet fully satisfying members’ area. The menu can take you to every important area of the site, including the models’ index, a categories page, and the scenes’ list. Also, you can reach the network sites’ list, the live shows, and the store, along with the DVDs. In-browser viewing is a quite good option, but as the scenes are quite long (nearly an hour), you may have to let it load up a bit before actually playing them. You can download MP4 files from the site, and it seems that the best you can get is a DVD quality.

Models and Videos

The hot pieces you will find in these videos come from the semi-professional area. They are not the big shots you can see on the neat mainstream porn videos of the big studios, or at the sexy, but way too fake reality porn websites. They are, however, sexy and quite eager to get on some hard sex. We are certain that they won’t make a career in Hollywood, but in other parts of Los Angeles and California, they would do well, so, what we try to say is that they are not really good in acting.

But, we love them for their body and for watching as they fuck, don’t we? Due to the base story of the videos, almost every girl is Caucasian, however a few Latina or half-Latin girls appear, though they don’t make much difference, the sex is great, no matter what shade their skin shines in. As the site aims to provide you with reality-like porn, the girls are selected mostly to look amateur, so they usually have their body intact, with no enhancements on their breasts or ass. Maybe it won’t come to your attention at first, but we picked up another fetish-like element regarding the girls’ appearance: they are almost always blondes! So, this guy, Ace, or what’s his name loves brighter colored pussy and blonde hair.

And what takes place in the videos? Well, a lot! We were surprised to see that the flicks are carefully staged, and though they get on with the fucking and sucking really quickly, you get the hang of the story and the overall situation, which isn’t too bad. The stories are simple, like in the scene, when the guy just want to fuck that quite racist blonde, and he tells here even nasty Black joke, which finally convinces her that he isn’t Black. So, they go back to his office or what, and Jessica Wood gets to feel a wood hard cock in her pussy for about 20 minutes, until it sprays cum all over her face. Naturally, the videos are staged and scripted, so they are not real amateur footage, but they give a funny impression which makes them very entertaining.


So, the BrotherUnderCover is fun, that’s the first thing we could say about it. It’s also real hardcore interracial porn, served a fine, unexpectedly good, manner, and in reality porn style. It would be just quite amazing if they could continue the series, with or without ace, because this situation is far from being exhausted. Until that, you should take advantage of the unlimited network access, which gives you everything you might think of, ranging for hardcore solo to heavy hardcore porn, with interracial sex and lot of fetishist elements.

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