Brazil Bang

Brazil Bang

Brief Description

Brazil Bang is definitely only for those over the age of 18, anyone any younger would have their minds blown by the sheer amount of booty going on! On the site there are dark skinned beauties everywhere, taking it from big cocks and shaking that ass all the while. The site knows its audience well.

Site Specifics

The main page for Brazil Bang is pasted in signs getting you to join. For the most part the page has big thumbnails for some of its best scenes. These give information about the scene, a little blurb, estimated length of video and the number of photos available for that scene. The layout of the page is not very consistent and can be quite confusing to look at first. The color design of the page is very mixed, though with a majority green coloring to the backdrop and a lot of icons.

There is also blue and black going on for different reasons. Navigation is simple, there is only sections for the home page, scenes, the Filth Freaks Network, members and sign-up. This makes getting around very easy, though finding specific videos can be kind of hard when you can’t make a search in that environment. The site does cater well for mobile devices and the videos do seem to load correctly. However the video is not easy to put into full screen on these devices so it may not be possible with all configurations.

Models and Videos

Brazil Bang focuses on big butts and brown girls. The Brazilian behind is renown for its mighty shape and versatility, so exhibiting lades with the finest specimens only makes sense! The girls take on any scene with grace and poise, all the time shake their money makers and swallowing giant black cocks in their throat as well as in their pussies. The black and latin mix of all the scenes gives the videos a lot of color and vibrancy that makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

Most actors seem to be a mixture of pros and amateurs, or at least that’s how the videos portray them. They perform a range of acts from deep throat to anal and orgies feature quite regularly. They also provide live-stream events for members. Videos are shot in High Definition using basic sets outdoors and in villas, showing off very lavish lifestyles of the porn elite. They are well directed considering the number of people in them, though the camera work is not the greatest I’ve seen it certainly does capture the most important action and capture it well.

Videos are about 20 minutes in length on average and there are about 100 videos on the site at the minute, with new ones coming very regularly, as well as the live stream mentioned above. Being HD recordings the videos may be in MP4 but I’m not sure as the site seems to only stream content through the browser.

There is a huge number of photos associated with each scene and some reach up into the 100s, providing a gallery for each and every scene. The membership plans are reasonable, with plans ranging from 1 day to 1 year. The plans are part of the Filth Freaks network and membership here gives you bonus access to the full range of niche sites affiliated with them.


Brazil Bang give you bang for your buck. There are many, many fine bubble butts in store for you when you visit, just try not to get too lost in the quagmire of a site. It really is content rich and you will not go hungry for new videos, I just wish I had a bigger screen to enjoy the fantastic butts on!


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