Bootylicious Mag

Bootylicious Mag

Brief Description

What sort of porn niche are you strongly attracted to? Do you like nice and plump asses, big and round rumps to complement bouncy fucking boobies that would ensure an extremely sensual trajectory for a nice deep dick fuck? If you do, well my dear chap you are quite in luck for stumbling about this porn review of ours for we are featuring today a porn site that perfectly houses the above-mentioned porn niche plus the distinct gangster flavor from the ghettos. As we all know, our friends from the hip-hop scene, especially those black rappers, are quite open to this sort of topics related to sexuality that even most of their musical productions and videos are mainly themed to it.

So with no further ado and before we went ahead ourselves with the things to expect about this porn site let us go ahead and introduce you to it first. The name of our porn site review’s subject is BootyliciousMag. This adult film website is mainly focused on showing gorgeous women with round and bouncy asses that are being complemented by sets of nice and juicy round breast to complete the package. We don’t want to excite you so much but frankly speaking the girls here are just so exquisite that if you are crazy for a hardcore big booty banging, this porn site will definitely blow your mind.

After all, just like what the porn site’s tagline says “phat asses, ripe rumps bangin’ booties keep bouncing back for deeper dicking”, with those things said you can already expect a lot of lovely adult video models and some famous names from the porn industry that have been dubbed as ladies nice and plump booties getting bounced from all direction by different hard cocks getting deeper every single pounding. Aside from that you can also invigorate your ways in bed by watching this gorgeous ladies with impressive rumps riding a hard on cock rodeo style like there is no tomorrow, getting their plump asses getting eaten from different position like a supersize extra sweet peaches and plums, and most of all witnessing this lovely booty gifted ladies asses bounce and sway them towards the climax of their orgasm.

Site Specifics

The first thing that really appealed to me personally about the overall design of the site is the color theme. They are yellow and black. Discrimination aside, meaning no offense to our black brothers, it reminds me of black rappers with their gold bling. Makes sense, since the title of the site itself contains “bootylicious”. Not to mention that the way the words were spelled in the site are like “phat” are so…black, for the lack of a better term.

Anyway, as expected once you have landed on the page, you are going to see a welcome banner and it shows a picture of a hot chick with a really nice spankable ass being fucked. Scrolling down you’ll see even more booties, through the thumbnails of their latest videos. It is important to note though that while the whole site screams black, it’s not only the black beauties who are getting some attention on this porn site. You are also going to see some blondies, brunettes, and even lovely gingers or also known as red heads. After all, who said that only black chicks have nice rumps, right?

Models and Videos

Speaking of girls, it’s high time that we talk about the damsels that make up the site along with the videos that feature them because damn they’re freakin’ hot! No matter what angle you look at them (even us here in the office are having a hard time hiding our raised flags if you know what I mean?) you cannot help but stare at their unbelievable proportions from their incredible asses up to their glorious breasts, feeling like being in a dream only to realize that you are not by jerking your ass off like a true blue porn enthusiast and perverted gentlemen that you are who perfectly knows how to appreciate a high quality pornographic virtual entertainment.

Just word of precaution though, the busty and “phat” assed lovelies here are not to be trifled with, trust us mate we have been there and we can tell you right away that their bouncing booties make quite show while their soaking twats are getting creampied from too much hot pounding that they receive from their ready and eager studs earnestly fucking them to kingdom come. And ooh lads, they are crafty on both ends, and you will be a wee bit surprised that a single canister of Vaseline, a roll of paper napkins, a protein bar, and of course a can of your favorite energy drink won’t be enough to compensate your, well how do I put it more delicately, your virtually sexual experience within your man cave.

If you know what is good for you boy, you ought to be ready to get so insanely turned and extra prepared with all your pornographic paraphernalia or you will be sorry that you did not. Considering the impressive qualities of videos you will getting from this porn site, I can tell you already that it is like having a real life live show off ass bouncing deep fucking.


Overall, the porn site is really perfect for those who love big butts. It is very straightforward with the niche, and I personally think that you are going to have a hard time finding another butt site with booties that can compete to the booties that you are going to see here. I mean, they are perfect. Seriously. They are big yet they don’t look displeasing. I understand that a lot of us love big butts but there are also some porn sites that go a way overboard, so much so that the rumps that you are going to see there is borderline awkward and disgusting already, but not in BootyliciousMag. The bubble booties that you are going to see here are indeed priceless, and will always be worth your time.


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