Black Feet Booty Street

Black Feet Booty Street

Brief Description

The BlackFeetBootyStreet is quite an exciting hardcore porn site. You will find it to be satisfying and hot, especially if you have one of these crushes: for Black girls’ booty or for Black girl’s feet. You are going to love these videos, because they are driven by a fetish, and they all feature Black chicks. These videos are quite satisfying, and since they cover neat lesbian sex, along with juicy fetishes, it’s really a winning combination. The BlackFeetBootyStreet has been online since 2009, and it seems it had been updating for a few years. Nowadays, it’s rather an archive with hot, exclusive content. It’s necessary to highlight that these videos are not any old flicks, they are all exclusive, and they have been created for online publishing mostly.

Naturally, there is more to the site than it would seem at first. For example, the videos here will make you interested in staying for a while, but the extras are the benefactors which make the site interesting and fun. You are going to get here a large selection of hardcore porn to enjoy, as you gain access to every video of the company, distributed via different networks. On the BlackFeetBootyStreet you are going to find a nice selection, but these bonuses make the site considerable to anybody’s collection. The bonus videos are exclusive too, though you can find them on other sites of this company. But that’s probably not an issue. For those who enjoy watching hard sex, this collection is going to be satisfactory and truly hot. Also, apart from the company’s own videos, you can find a large DVD-compilation too, where all kind of hardcore fun awaits. As the regular bonuses, live shows, dating and third party promotions are available too.

Site Specifics

The home page will tell you a lot about the content you can find inside. There are large thumbnails, and descriptions for them, and in fact, that’s all you get. The tour isn’t much, but for a fetish-fan or Black girl lover it’s more than enough. After joining, you will see a somewhat more complex page, where the content of the site is easily accessible. When you log in, you’ll always see the BlackFeetBootyStreet’s content listed first, then comes the rest: the videos and the picture sets. There are two menus on the page, so the extras are easy to reach, and the search field may come handy when you are looking for something different than the niches the site covers. We were looking around the videos, and we’ve found that this site doesn’t offer you any HD content. There are HD flicks on the network, but not here. Well, what the heck, we are not the pixel counter maniacs, and in fact, these shots look really good. You can stream of download the videos, it’s totally up to you which method you prefer. Check the photo sets too, they look fine.

Models and Videos

Well, the BlackFeetBootyStreet is a really fun site, with sexy and delicious content. If you like Ebony girls, then these ethnic lesbian porn videos will surely make you curious and horny. The BlackFeetBootyStreet has a long name, but it tells a lot about what you can expect from it: Black girls in feet-worshipping videos… and they also have prime booty too. You can’t find other ethnicities present on this site, also no males are allowed, it’s only girl on girl fun-time. We love lesbian porn, but when it’s kinky (and not because they ass-fisting or something), yet lovely it’s even better. These girls bring fine change to the mainstream-porn ocean you can swim in online nowadays, and though they are professionals, they have amazingly hot body, an overall sexy appearance with natural elements. The best is to describe one of our favorite couples: Raven and Angel Eyes. These hot Black fresh girls would look great one by one or even in straight hardcore, but put together they are the best. They have great booty, nice breasts, and they are not afraid of exclaim when the other hits that magical spot. You can watch these hot and fine Ebony misses fucking each other, licking one another’s feet clean, then go on with the lesbian action, fingering, dildo-play and scissoring is what you get.

It’s just as we expected: the videos doesn’t feature any stories, the girls just get on with the hard sex, and fuck like crazy. Well, they don’t go straight for pussy, and what happens before the sex gives the collection that unique edge: they perform long sessions of feet-worshipping, by kissing and licking the other’s feet. As you might see the videos are studio-made shots, and they are all taking place in a well-lit, pre-built environment. In most cases it’s a bedroom or a living room, but many other places are featured too. There aren’t stories offered for your entertainment, every video has only one main story: girl like to fuck and suck legs, and they also don’t mind if they come by the chance to eat some pussy or get their pussy eaten. This simple setup makes the videos a bit straightforward, but you are here for porn, so don’t concern yourself with it. If you want stories, maybe you should check the network sites. The videos are captured from different angles, but overall they are looking somewhat average as far as the style is concerned. However, the great sex, and the fetish elements are totally making up for the few issues we’ve found.


The BlackFeetBootyStreet is a fantastic website. We don’t want to exaggerate, but that’s the truth. Since it mixes two very-very hot and popular fetishes together, and even adds that ethnic lesbian sex spice to it, this porn site is really something that all guys and girls would love. You are going to be served right here, as the videos are all coming in downloadable formats, they are in good quality. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind the big-ass bunch of extras you receive if you join, because that’s one of the main features this portal can grant you.


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