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One of the top-notch pornstar porn sites, Baeb continues to increase its popularity with the sexy pornstar vids that it has in its collection. From the makers of Porn Pros, Lubed and Passion HD, Baeb also inherited the superb title just like these popular porn sites. Enjoy while you watch real sluts pleasure themselves in these porn star xxx scenes.

Site Specifics

Stylish and minimal, Baeb is a concrete example of a site where you can find these styles. There is balance between these two. The site does not look too dull and boring because of its simple and minimal design but it does not look too flashy because of its decorations too. The site looked businesslike. In fact, it can fairly compete among other pornstar porn sites out there. There’s nothing much that you can see in the homepage besides the featured video and the recently uploaded videos in the body of the page. It is as straightforward as that, no more flowery words and lengthy descriptions as bait for the audience.

The interface also looks very neat because of the white background. The texts also looked polished mainly because the font style used is easy to read and very simple. The thumbnails that represent the videos in the homepage also look very catchy. They are in high quality, crisp and sharp, which gives us a good view of the interesting action captured in the image. Aside from the thumbnail, there are also the video title, a short video description, a date from which it was uploaded and a rating. These four are basically the most essential information anyone would need to assess a good video.

The site also has a good navigation menu. It is simple and very easy to use. It can be easily found on the upper part of the page. The following are the links that are available in the menu: Videos, Photos, and Models. The Models index is a page, which contains links to the individual model’s profile. There are photos that represent the models along with their name. The photos and video links, on the other hand, are another interesting sections in the site. The photos link leads you to the entire photo gallery of the site where you can get to enjoy 20 sets which contains 230 to 300 images each.

The photo gallery can load these pages quickly without broken images considering that all these photos are available in high resolutions. In some sites, this type of images would already take a very long time to load. Moving on to the videos section, this is where you can find 25 to 30 minute videos that you will surely enjoy. If the photos are the appetizer, the videos in Baeb are the main course. There are 20 videos that you can choose from. All these videos are available in three qualities, 2160p, 1080p and 720p. You can also choose between WMV and MP4 when you opt to download any of the videos. However, there is a limitation when it comes to WMV file formats because it is only available in one quality and that is the 720p.

Another thing that the site takes pride of is the level of generosity it shows to every porn freak out there. It gives five free videos to watch to those who are not yet members of the site. It is such a great way to promote the site, square and fair to the prospect audience of the site.

Models and Videos

The girls in Baeb are all bootylicious. They have the looks and the charm that will definitely turn you sexed up. The models collection is great for a wide range of audience because it is not only limited to a certain beauty type. There are a lot of jaw-dropping beauties in Baeb from all around the world. Commonly, most sites that are from Europe only consist of models from the European countries or worse, from the origin country. In Baeb, the models widely represent different races not just Europeans but also Americans, Asians and etc so you will surely have a lot of options to choose from. Blaire Williams and Alexa Grace are my two favorite blondes in the collection.

Brunettes like Adria Rae, Alice March and Pepper Xo are also a sight to see. However, of all the sexy ladies in the pool, one of them really stood out because of her hair color. Janice Griffith takes the spotlight with her lavender hair color, which really looks awesome against her porcelain white skin tone. Because of this, I was also able to appreciate her big breasts, large nipples, slender waist and her flawless legs. Above that, she’s also one of a kind because she’s wrapped with an edgy and out of the blue personality. Her style definitely captured my attention. Moreover, the girls never fail to miss a cock riding session anywhere they go. They also have an undeniable chemistry with their male counterparts that heats the scenes.

The location of the scenes also varies. The videos in Baeb are not only the bedroom type of porn, but it also stretches beyond the four corners of the room. Outdoors, the scenes are more adventurous and exciting.


Overall, Baeb is a site that I should not dare to miss. The website design is superb, it is functional, reliable and stylish. The minimalist style is topped with elegance and sophistication. The site also knows how to market and advertise their contents through the limited free videos deal that they have. The models are also really passionate with their craft, which makes the scenes very convincing. To complete everything, the high quality videos and photos are delivered consistently. There will surely be no reason to hate this site because it is basically drizzled with perfection. This is so far the best pornstar porn site that I visited and I will surely recommend this to every porn freak out there.


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