Brief Description

The rise of technology in our everyday lives is apparent everywhere. We use smartphones, PCs, and our cars even have GPS so we don’t get lost. But the most used technology we have is the internet. With the rise of portability and the use of internet in our daily lives, smartphones have quickly become a must have for everyone living in this time. There are numerous fresh new ideas that this generation has come to create and there’s one such technology that is taking the storm slowly but surely.

Virtual reality is the current technological advancement that this world has created. It makes use of computer technologies to replicate our surroundings creating an imaginary setting that simulates the user’s presence in the environment. It is an immersive and interactive experience that is generated in computers and our smartphones of today. Now the greatest news of it all is that even porn gets to play around with this technological advancement and share its wonders to us all.

Badoink VR specifically caters to the more adventurous bunch of porn enthusiasts. It has set the bars high for porn today and in retrospect gives us all a sneak peek into what the future of the porn industry holds. So saddle up boys and girls because we are going for a wild ride with this porn site!

Site Specifics

Badoink VR’s website at first glance gives off a sense of sophistication. The home page although looks like any other porn site, has a sleek and clear cut layout that makes it very easy for anyone to navigate around the site. The first thing you notice is the huge banner that catches anyone’s eye as it is a photo of one of their beautiful models clad in nothing but her birthday suit looking seductively up at you as if she was looking right at you. Scroll down further the home page and you will find yourself looking at more of their list of lovely models. All these big names in the porn industry have come together to give us a peek at what it’s like for the yet to come forthcoming of porn.

One of the perks of being part of Badoink VR is that, upon first subscribing to them, you are given a chance to get a FREE Google Cardboard. Seeing as it is one of the only few virtual reality porn sites on the internet today, this porn site tries to help out the community by giving them that chance to experience it. They even have a one day subscription for those who are curious but not curious enough to get a whole month of virtual reality sexy times.

All of the videos here were captured using advanced technology. You are given a full 360-degree view of the environment around the video giving you full control of what you want to see. This 360-degree stereoscopic view sets the mood quite well for what you want to see and how you want to see it. The videos here can be viewed using all sorts of VR devices like the Oculus, HTC Vive and even the Playstation VR headset. Virtual reality porn has never looked this good and, to top it all off, it stars few of the biggest names in the porn industry. Just like a cherry on top of a sundae, Badoink VR proves to be one amazing porn site for all.

Models and Videos

There are many kinds of girls that color this website. They’re all pretty horny of course and it wouldn’t take long for you to decide who you want to watch. So many delicious women who are looking quite delectable that your boner is so hard its peeking from your pants, it’s no wonder why Badoink VR chose nothing but the best crew of porn starlets in the industry.

One such name that resounds in the entirety of the internet is Aidra Fox. This foxy vixen is known to have a bombshell body that is meant to draw in the hearts of many. With a beautiful face, rocking bust and hips that could break a man, Aidra is a full package of a woman that all the boys will drool over. With sex moves that are out of this world, this lovely lady packs a punch when it comes to the art of seduction. She will draw you in like a siren and you will be smitten like a snake is to its charmer. This girl needs to be seen for you to believe what she can do.

Another lovely lady that we should all have a gander at is the blonde dame Katrina Jade. This girl with the hefty bosom and the pinkest pussy you will ever see is a wild sex kitten out to destroy your cock. Her shining eyes coupled with her bright attitude could make anyone’s day brighter. Join this site for an adventure with the blonde sweetheart Katrina and you’ll have a raunchy time all night long.

Lastly we have another blonde goddess Kagney Lyn Karter whose blow job skills are out of this world. This lovely lady looks amazing in a set of lingerie but looks even better when nude. Her lacy underwear can leave you feeling like a boy again. While her mesmerizing sex moves will leave you speechless. So, don’t leave yourself hanging! Come and watch Kagney here at Badoink VR!


This porn site is true to its name. It gives us virtual reality videos and every video has a certain “umf’ to them kind of like the badoink they have in their name. Badoink VR should be your go to porn site for your virtual reality content needs and it shouldn’t be that hard for you to see that they can satisfy you like no other porn site out there can. Subscribe to them now and be treated to hundreds of VR videos in 360 degree view using any of your VR devices that you have. So what are you waiting for? Join Badoink VR now!


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