Bad Tow Truck

Bad Tow Truck

Brief Description

Do you believe in the saying that great things come in simple packages? Well, even in porn sites, this line is true. BadTowTruck is one of the proofs. A brand new site that belongs to the impressive and gigantic network of Reality Kings, BadTowTruck is a porn site that gives spy sex and car sex a new style and meaning. The main attraction is simple but mind blowing beautiful chicks that have made a bad parking and tow truck drivers who would never just let go of those delicious fleshes.

Sex for bribes; is there anything nicer than that? Well, what’s more amazing is that the involved ‘naughties’ are all drop dead gorgeous and possess big tits and asses that can make a cock go hard all the way. It is understandable why tow truck drivers are very keen to forget the rule and let go of their vehicles. Who wouldn’t go crazy with a blowjob coming from real hot chicks? With cameras that are positioned inside the truck and are designed to capture each and every angle of this sweet and sensual sex scenario plus a complete subtitle, get hard and wet by entering BadTowTruck right now.

Site Specifics

Upon landing at the homepage, you can easily see the entire collection of videos that comes with the date of upload and titles. Although there are only few videos that are available, you will never regret once you’ve seen them and you will get addicted to wait for the updates that happens once a month. What you are going to find inside are worth like gold and you should never miss every single second of each episode.

There are three available resolutions for the videos and it’s your choice whether to have them in HD or downwards, depending on the speed of your connection. As for the download option, there is an assigned area wherein you can choose to get the full scenes or part by part. Everything here is mobile friendly so no worries if you’ve want everything to be transferred to your portable devices.

Most of the scenes are filmed at night, but the visual quality for all the videos is amazing. You can clearly see the scenario that’s happening inside the truck in all possible angles and the audio quality is well supported by subtitles. There are 600 images for each photo set that comes along with every single episode. Aside from the main contents of BadTowTruck, you are also given full access to other porn haven inside the site. These bonus sites are also among the best in their porn niche and are wholeheartedly provided by Reality Kings to all the registered members.

Models and Videos

Pay a large fine or pay with a blowjob and get a bonus fuck in return, these are the only choices of sweethearts who happened to park their car badly. With their mouths, they are convinced by the tow truck drivers to get inside the truck and get real wild and dirty. The driver would first enjoy a mind-boggling blowjob while talking real dirty with the willing chick. From the tip of the large cock to the roots, they want it to be fully taken cared of. Some chicks get so horny that they strip their clothes in that crowded space and position like a dog ready for a hard fuck. There are hotties that even wants more than just simple fuck and ask for an anal instead! They are literally bathing in their own sweat and sticky juices once the sizzling actions are over.

The hidden cameras that are filming the hot scenes make it possible to make the sexual interaction very natural and satisfying to all the viewers. The genuine moans and conversations that you can hear in each episode are enough to make you feel that you’re in the scene and are sharing that delicious sex ride. From blowjobs to hardcore fucking to facial cum, the spy cams are able to capture and deliver to the viewers in silver platter.


With damned horny and good looking porn hotties that are caught in cameras, find out how towing can give a new light to hardcore sex. BadTowTruck is doing a very wonderful progression in producing and uploading contents like they’ve never done before. So make sure you will not be left out as this wonderful porn site is making its way to be one of the most favourite porn stop in the porn planet.

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