Backroom Fuckers

Backroom Fuckers

Brief Description

BackRoomFuckers is a site that has been around since early January 2011. It is managed by the company Panorama Pacific and is under the Gay Porn Mega Sites Network, a network with a lot of other big named porn sites that are in the gay porn niche. BackRoomFuckers presents muscular lads clad in leather straps and armed in really huge cocks and quite the tight assholes. These men can be seen fucking in twos, threes, and even more. Orgies galore! These men love to get naked and fuck, and be fucked in return. Don’t be fooled, though. They might look muscular but some of these guys actually like taking up in the ass like a real champ. Much of the action takes place in backrooms, bar counters, and toilets. You’ll even see the occasional glory holes.

With BackRoomFuckers, you can expect a lot of cock sucking, cock handling, bareback fucking sans the condoms (because who needs them and because we want them raw), threesomes, orgies, ass eating, and hot sticky cum trickling across butt cracks and mouths. You’ll even witness masturbating scenes here and now but that only adds up to the charm of the site itself. There are guys you’ll be seeing who are way muscular to be twinks but I joke you not, they are, only a little tougher. These men may look very manly, with the untrimmed chest, pubic, and ass hair, but they love cocks being shoved in and out their tight little asses. Even masculinity has no place when it comes to big dicks being thrown in their faces. They will all fall to their knees and they will give out really good blow jobs, these men are so cock and cum hungry, you’ll forget they are actually donning cocks themselves. Prepare to see all these action in the high definition videos BackRoomFuckers give you.

Site Specifics

BackRoomFuckers provides plenty of high definition videos for the soul. Of course, you’ll need to be an actual member of the porn site to be able to fully utilize the features and functions they provide their loyal subscribers. The monthly fee isn’t very expensive (in my opinion) and you get your money’s worth with all the bonus sites they provide. I think that there are 5 sites that comes as a bonus once you sign up to be a member. There is no trial membership given so unless you go right ahead and register, you won’t have any other chances to watch the all exclusive content BackRoomFuckers has to offer. Straight right up to the scenes, there are around 79+ scenes available. Each scene lasts for approximately 15 minutes. They can be viewed in browsers, through an embedded Flash player, with a 704 x 396 pixel resolution. An option to download the scenes is also available and you get that through an MP4 format and in a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and a bit rate of 5000k+.

The scenes can be resized in the browser, depending on what you want. Latest movies have really good quality whereas older ones may have a lower property compared to the latter. There are 76+ galleries available and they have an average of 50 photos each inside. They can also be downloaded as zip files. There is no download limit so you can do so, as much as you want. Once downloaded and saved to your computer or laptop, that scene will be yours to keep forever. A little side note, the site itself includes non-standalone sites so don’t get too confused if ever you come across some of these. Another thing that will have you on the edge of your seats is the update pace. If you think 79 videos is diminutive, you’ll be happy to know that updates happen once or twice in a week. Every update means new scenes and photo sets so keep an eye on that.

Models and Videos

BackRoomFuckers showcases a variety of men in different shapes, sizes, and attractiveness. Strange as it may seem, you’ll find these guys quite appealing (coming from someone who has very few experiences when it comes to gay porn) after their few trips to the backroom or the bar. These men, who are either twinks or jocks, are nasty to the core and love every minute of fucking or getting fucked. These men will succumb to bareback sex and blow jobs without the need of wearing condoms. Not forgetting, these slutty men are also doing it in bathrooms and every place possible. They’re so eager to do some fucking that this reality themed site will tickle your fancy and so much more. These men are amazing at what they do and they will not stop at anything to get what they want and to get what they intensely need. Not only are these men into bareback fucking, but they’re also experts to the usual blow jobs, hand jobs, threesomes, and orgies. They won’t let you down and you will enjoy every moment of these boys.


If you are into raunchy and raw bareback sex then I think you’ll find BackRoomFuckers quite the treasure trove. It is superb and it is exclusive, so the scenes you’ll be watching you won’t find anywhere else other than the site itself. The video quality is amazing and so are the photo sets they are providing their members. It is hardcore and it is kinky, and you’ll love every minute of these guys pounding into each other. Aside from the membership you’re a part of, you will be also able to take part in other bonus sites, 5 to be exact, which showcases the same niche but with different scenes and different men, but still, quite the hunks.

My only problem comes with the layout and the navigation system, since it is not very ideal. Instead of focusing on the individual sites, you will be taken to the mega site once you become a member. This makes it hard for the users to browse over videos and photo sets. Other than that, BackRoomFuckers is good to go and is very ideal for those who love intense gay porn and muscular men. Plus, I want to add how they’re all really attractive. Did I mention that already? Yes, they are quite the lookers.


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