Brief Description

My idea about porn will leave many people stunned but that is my idea and thank goodness I have a right to my opinion. When it comes to porn I like it really hard and rough. I am most turned on when there is some misery involved. Oh Yeah, I love and it really gets my dick going. Therefore, when I came across assylum, my interest was caught immediately. From what I could get from the review I was reading, they really give it to the patients at the assylum really hard, rough and filthy. From what I was getting, it was meant to be crazy. Being someone who loves all of these in porn, I immediately headed to the site. As I got on the site, I knew instantly I was around an assylum. It was cold and quiet and the girls that I saw on the pictures were bruised and looking bartered. The website was not flashy nothing like that. It had all the essentials to get you to the where you really needed to be. However, I was offered a quick tour around the assylum and I agreed to take it. I saw girls hanging on screens and being spanked from behind. Their cries of misery were mixed with that of ecstasy. I saw girls gagged and whipped then ass fucked. I was beginning to agree that it was crazy but where was the filthy stuff. Then as I moved around the assylum pages I realized it was also filthy around here, some of the girls were being beaten continuously for one hour by getting them to eat ass continually. By the time my tour was over I was convinced this was a never before seen assylum. It was hard to hate it even with all the misery and beating going on. In fact, this is what was beginning to turn me on so badly and I could hardly walk around correctly because of the bulge in my pant. As I came back to the site’s home page ready to get my visitor’s pass, I learned that assylum is an award winning site. It has received numerous nominations and awards over the last year. Actually, it received three rise awards from rabbits review. That was enough to tell me that my judgment that this was one site I should visit frequently was right. So I clicked on the tab to get my visitors pass and was presented with two options; there was a standard visitor’s pass and a Premium visitor’s pass. While I was tempted to get the Premium pass, I stopped right there when I realized it was for those who had the right facilities to be able to download 4k uhd movies. This is a new technology that is not yet common. I didn’t have these facilities so I settled for the standard pass.

Site Specifics

Like I mentioned early, the website is not flashy, it is simple and straight to the point. Who has time to be bothering about flashy design when there are naughty patients to take care of? Nevertheless, there are enough tools to make the website a fully functional one that is easy to navigate. The menu tabs for the site are on the left-hand corner arranged in vertical order. The tabs that immediately stand out are those for Patients and staff and Lab room. In the Patient and Staff page, you can click on a patient or a staff to know more about them. When you click on a patient, you will be taken to a page where you read about the patient and the staff notes on them. You can also get to read their case file. The idea about the site is that patients that have been very perverted obsessions are brought in to receive therapy such that they can forget about their perversion. To help them forget their perversion, they are pushed to the highest level by using sex toys and other objects that are meant to serve as a consequence. Compared to another site with similar niche, assylum is really better

Models and Videos

The Patients are either brought in or they come and report themselves to the assylum. To report themselves they have to write to the assylum that they have a perversion that they will like to treat. The patients are from all racial background. They are very fresh and for most of them, you will find bruises on parts of their body. While externally, these models all look beautiful and composed; internally they are disturbed and need to be given therapy. Who better to give them this therapy than Dr. Mercies. In the BDSM videos found on the site, you will find the patients in all types of demeaning positions being either fist fucked or cock fucked. Usually, the focus is on the girls’ asses. These models are mostly whores who are only happy when they are involved in sex that degrades them. Meet a patient like Hazel Allure who is a certified whore with a love for demeaning sex. She loves to eat ass but hates rimming. She is very happy to lick off ass juices from the cock. Sarah Vandella has a big ass and she is known for always pushing herself to the limits when it comes to taking things up her ass. The site has a little over 50 videos all of which are hardcore with a lot of filthy and degrading sex. The videos are shot in HD and uHD. The videos that are lengthy, about 50 minutes, can be streamed online and downloaded. However, there are download limits for visitors. Visitors can only download a maximum of three scenes each day.


I love rough porn which includes misery but I dare say I was stunned by this website. The scenes are just so real and original. Anyone who loves BDSM will want to run to this site and get a visitor’s pass. It is better to experience it firsthand.


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