Ass Traffic

Ass Traffic

Brief Description

Many people have asked me what is the great deal with porn, as they have seen some videos, but have not been impressed, not in the slightest. Well, I proceed to tell them, that the reason for that would be that they haven’t yet found a site that will show them what true pleasure means. Ass Traffic, a site full of cute girls, girls whose asses are great, girls who you will love seeing in action, is there to explain what sex should look like.

Site Specifics

It also explains some other things along the way, and I have been impressed by it many times, on many occasions, due to the design, among other things. From the first glance, where you see their banner at the top of the page, you know that this site is going to be good. Below the banner, you notice a menu bar, or you almost notice it, as the previews below the menu bar are surely to occupy your attention more than buttons. Be assured, the buttons work like a charm and there are no unnecessary ones.

The previews, however, look like they should, with a lot of pictures to showcase the video, a lot of text to explain it further and the duration to top it all off. There are also the previews of the models, so you get to see them, too, and not just the videos. Joining, however, grants you access to so much more, as full feature videos await you, as well as some surprises. The sorting options are such a surprise, and you know that as you get to the videos in a moment’s notice. Furthermore, the site runs very smoothly, which is another great thing, as you get to see more videos that way, even on the mobile devices, because of the optimization.

Models and Videos

Though the site look amazing and feels even better when you browse, there are several other things that you should know about it, that make it better than you expect at first sight. The girls are one of those things, and their horny nature will make you have orgasms, even though you might not be horny at the moment you play a video. They all look different, and their preference for sex is also different, so expect to see a lot of variety. Blowjobs are one thing, and they love giving them to the guys, who are more than willing to receive. They give back warm cum in return, spraying the girls’ faces with it, to show them what pleasure means.

Sure, they love fucking, and the girls do, too, so taking huge dicks in their pussies and asses is one of their favorite things to do besides licking dicks. What also makes the videos shine is the resolution. The full HD videos do bring a new sharpness to porn, sharpness that you do not usually see, the photos also look amazing, and all thanks to good cameras and a good crew. The content, as it is, can be downloaded, and for different devices, when it comes to the videos. What is also great, is that you can have more sites for free, as soon as you join. All of their content is also yours, to stream or download.


If there was ever a site that had good offers, then that site would be this one. Ass Traffic offers you hardcore videos of pure sex, where girls get pounded to their most intense orgasms, while the guys explode with cum, all over the girls’ faces. This site will bring you nothing but pleasure, and so will all the others that you get for free.


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