Asian Sex Diary

Asian Sex Diary

Brief Description

AsianSexDiary is a great reality sex porn site that chronicles the journey of a tourist named John and his travels and travails through the exciting Asian continent. The site is all about the chap. He loves journeying and exploring the whole of the Asian continent, hunting hot and horny Asian beauties and getting engaged in every kind of sensual and fun stuff with the sexy ladies. He does not go to any tourist sites with the content he records and gathers from his travels. Rather, you will get to watch him and the sluts getting it on in some of the hardest fucking fests in a hotel room when you join the site.

The guy travels to Asia, finds and explores the gorgeous ladies from varying sectors and does every kind of erotic stuff you can imagine with them. The site can, therefore, be referred to as what some people call a sex travelogue. John is basically a tourist by nature and he records all of his erotic and sexual adventures through the Eastern continent. He only references food and sites in his diary only because he utilizes the locations to entice Asian ladies and get them back to the hotel to get into their panties. In simple words, the site basically shows how he meets up with various beautiful ladies of the Eastern region and how he entangles them into sucking and riding his huge dick. Read this exciting review of the site to know the intensity of the acts.

Site Specifics

AsianSexDiary is organized in such a manner that is truly unique and enables you to find whatever you are looking for very quickly. You will discover that the ‘My Conquests’ portal basically contains intense porn video clips of all the horny sluts he has fucked. If you move forward from there, you will land in his ‘My Trophies’ area. This is where he displays thumbnail images of every single beauty he has banged and the state every single one of them came from.

One feature that is truly worth mentioning is that whenever you hover your mouse over any lady’s name, you will get all the general information about her to enable you to know much more about her and also her rating. The site also features a primary search bar feature to enable you quickly and conveniently sift through the site’s content so you can quickly and easily discover your preferences.

Navigating the site on any front is indeed quite remarkable. The site offers a ‘try it out for yourself’ section, which explains how to travel, remain safe, shoot video and fuck as many Asian tight cunts as they can to members. There is also a ‘Members’ Reward section offering additional pickups and bangs that aren’t part of his amazing diary. These are from his personal hard drive and they are accompanied by articles, which were submitted by members so they can take part in the both sections.

The site currently features about 650 updates comprising both picture and videos with around 350 varying sluts being featured in the footages and images. Though in varying sizes, the image sets cannot be downloaded as ZIP files. The best quality pictures are sized at around 1600 x 1200. The videos can only be streamed in Flash Player format and they normally display at the best resolution of 1280 x 720. The un-downloadable movies have seen consistent daily updates for about 5 years running. This means you have enough content to occupy for a very long time to come.

Models and Videos

As you land on the site you instantly get the option of looking through about 600 intimate scenes that come with matching video captions. John brings truly gorgeous Asian beauties from nearly almost all parts of the continent to the table. The site offers a lot of enlightening information and wonderful content for your entertainment and enjoyment. You will be so turned on by the content that you must develop a rock hard erection that won’t leave you. It is a fact that Asian ladies are truly beautiful to look at.

They are exactly what you get when you visit this exhilarating site. You always remember that the women are not professional porn stars but real beauties in the flesh. John hooks them up and after chats or drinks and brings them back to his hotel where he records the whole intense fucking session.

Talking about the video clips offered on the site, they are all in the full HD quality resolution. Viewers can easily and quickly find any videos they prefer because those shot in different venues are placed in different areas of the site. It is also the same thing that has been done with the photos, which happen to be truly stunning and lively. It is truly pleasing that the video streaming can be done with varying devices due to the compatibility of the site and its content with all devices.

First of all, the hardcore action in the clips offered on the site is truly good and convincing with the way in which they are filmed. Most recordings are in the POV style. The site is quite interesting and John seems to be genuinely enjoying an erotic holiday. The ladies in the scenes offered on the site are truly experienced.

They know how to employ the sexual games and naughty antics to ensure that not only John but every viewer of the site gets the front of his pants wet with his own pre-cum. They make you begin to dream of what is like entering them from the rear so as to fuck out their brains. That can be possible only with a single act on your part. That act is heading over to join the site. You can get to realize all your sexual fantasies whenever you join the site.


AsianSexDiary is the greatest place where you will watch gorgeous Asian ladies being emphatically drilled in all their holes. The site features a vast collection of sexy and raunchy women. All the ladies brandish their natural bodies and the site offers some essential information concerning them. The site is truly easy to navigate and also has the best content possible. You should join the site since it’s the best value for your money.

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