Andrew Blake

Andrew Blake

Brief Description

It is really easy to search for a porn site, but to find an outstanding porn site that can provide you the full aesthetic feel of the enchanting essence of what sex is, as well as the relevance and role of beauty in the erotic Art of making love, can prove to be pretty difficult. However, my dear chaps we have a found the perfect adult-themed site or porn site for that matter that made every erotic videos and photograph into an artwork that is worthy to be dubbed as a masterpiece.

And that site is our subject for today’s porn site review. Gentleman, ladies, and fellow porn enthusiasts we present to you AndrewBlake, the porn site that combines the sensual Art of erotic filmmaking and photographs as well as the different expressions of beauty from the alluring bodies of his subjects as well as in the creative display of contemporary artistic expression. According to the site’s About Us Page, Andrew Blake himself has been directing and creating noteworthy erotic film and photographic masterpieces for more than thirty years and have treated it as an extension of his artistic expression as well as his personal life work. He has dedicated all his time and efforts in producing not one but over a hundred masterpieces over the years. With Andrew Blake’s undying love for modern day fashion and architectural styles, he managed to set a benchmark amongst his peers and colleagues.

Watching his creations, both video and photos, are really inspiring. It adds a certain depth or finesse to what is typically considered as crass and cheap. Hence, if you are the type of porn viewer who is actually looking for more than just videos of people getting it on with each other, if you are a person who wants to enjoy art and style with your porn scenes, then AndrewBlake is the porn site for you. It is a porn site that is constantly updated by none other than the artist Andrew Blake himself and all of the content that you are going to find here have passed his high standards and aesthetic of creation. To enjoy his works completely, however, you are required to sign up for membership for the site as well, Don’t worry he has different plans like a monthly plan a one month plan, one that recurs every three months, and one that lasts for two hundred days. It is just up to you to select which one is the best for your personal needs.

Site Specifics

Like his creations, the AndrewBlake porn site has a very classy feel, yet it is very visually engaging. It serves as a perfect canvas or better yet, art gallery to display his multimedia works. Upon landing on the homepage, a trailer will fill your screen. It is made up of the hottest scenes that you will find on the site (and probably some of the most sensual scenes that I have ever seen on the internet!). Take your time, I also didn’t want to scroll down immediately. Enjoy the scenes as that is what Andrew Blake actually wants. If you do happen to scroll down, though, you will see three options: the link to his DVD shop, the sign-up link, and his luxury boutique. I wasn’t able to explore his luxury boutique fully yet, but I’m sure that there’s more eye candy there so I will definitely check that out, probably after writing this review!

Below those links are the thumbnails that refer to his different videos. The thumbnails alone are more than enough to make you hot. In fact, I bet some of the guys here in the office didn’t wait for the full videos to load anymore. The servers of the site are ultra fast though so you should definitely load the videos if you want to enjoy the site to the fullest, and I’m sure anyone would. These thumbnails are really well-made. I haven’t seen other thumbnails like this before which you can click on and will open a new screen to play a trailer of that video. It also contains some info about the video like the title and the date when it was uploaded.

Models and Videos

Speaking of videos, like what was already mentioned quite numerously above, all of the content in this site are breathtakingly beautiful, as with all the girls that you are going to find here. They all have this classy model-like feel. If you are aware of the models in high fashion magazines and fashion shows? The models in the AndrewBlake porn site has that certain level like them but the main difference is that all of the girls here have really awesome bods. They have well-proportioned bodies (note: not too big boobs and very plump asses), compared to most high fashion models with really slim physiques.

The way they carry themselves, along with the photo shoots that you are going to find on the site have that same supermodel vibe too. The classiness and elegance of this site are indeed something else. The nationalities of these beauties were not mentioned on the site but I’m sure it was because Andrew did not really focus on one type of girl because we have seen different types of ladies on the first page of the site itself: black beauties, Caucasian chicks, Asian bombshells, the whole package!


We cannot reiterate enough how hard it is to find a porn site of this caliber. Take it from us. I have personally written probably more than a hundred reviews, and my eyes have seen even more porn sites than that but it is very rare to find a porn site that can even compete with the level of taste and artfulness as AndrewBlake. No, really! Hence, if you love art and porn then this is the porn site that perfectly combines both. We suggest that you take your time to explore the porn site of your own and see for yourself what we are talking about. And once you’re there, better get yourself ready because you might be finding yourself scrambling for the sign-up sheet faster than you can say “Andrew Blake”.


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